COVID-19 Campus Shutdowns Webinar

Join The Daily Vox on Thursday, June 18 for a webinar on COVID-19 Campus Shutdowns Webinar. Featuring a great panel, the webinar will discuss how students are experiencing the shift towards online learning and what needs to happen next. The panel will be made up of Pontsho Pilane, Buti Manamela, Pearl Pillay, Dr. Ramneek Ahluwalia, and Fatima Moosa.

In marking Youth Day, and six years since the launch of The Daily Vox, join us for this discussion on one of the emerging struggles for equality and inclusion in higher education: the panel will look at how students are experiencing the shift to remote learning in the era of COVID-19, and what needs to happen next.

Buti Manamela: Deputy Minister of Higher Education

Pontsho Pilane: Journalist, lecturer and alum of The Daily Vox
Pearl Pillay: Managing Director of Youth Lab
Dr Ramneek Ahluwalia: CEO of Higher Health
Fatima Moosa: Reporter, The Daily Vox Facilitator

To join us for this webinar, please register here.