What does Durban think of JZ?

President Jacob Zuma and Dr Zweli Mkhize in enjoy the performance at an annual traditional dance festival at Nkandla. (Photo: GCIS)

KwaZulu-Natal, home of President Jacob Zuma, has emerged as a stronghold of the ANC in recent years.

The province has recorded the highest number of card carrying ANC members in the country, a figure which has grown considerably since Zuma’s meteoric raise through ANC ranks.

But while the booing at Madiba’s memorial service in Johannesburg was explained by some as the work of the Forces of Change, the ANC faction that had lobbied (rather unsuccessfully) against Zuma’s bid for the ANC presidency in Mangaung.

Some analysts pointed out that the booing would definitely not happen in KZN.

And yet Zuma was booed again.

On New Year’s eve reports emerged of a Durban crowd that jeered as a live address from the President was broadcast. It was the second time the president was booed in a matter of weeks.

His supporters insisted it was the work of outsiders who wishe to drive Zuma from office.

There has been a increasing number of South Africans who have expressed disappointment in the leadership of the ruling party, however, despite these public displays of contempt, KwaZulu-Natal remains loyal.

RUMANA AKOOB took to the streets of Durban and asked people their feelings towards the president and the controversies surrounding him.


RumanaKZN1Mathew Van Niekerk, 55, welder

“Zuma has been doing an alright job, maybe we need more control over him but he has helped the people of KZN. Rather he be president than someone from north of the country because then we would be left out.”




Bheki Ndebele, 41, general assistant

“We aren’t certain about what’s in the Nkandla report but I back our president anyway. Its all speculation at the moment but what challenges he faces he will get rid of them. I don’t see the two third majority at the elections this year but the ANC will win.”





Desigan Reddy, 36, cargo coordinator

“JZ is a go getter and when you have a president with that attitude its good for a country because they get what’s needed.”







Nombuso Khuzwnayo, 25, personal assistant

“Zuma’s history and work he has done to help the country get here, I appreciate him as a president.”







Micheal Dove, 18, 2013 matriculant

“I just got my matric results and will be joining an apprenticeship soon . A lot of job opportunities have been made for youth so we have the president to thank.”







Nunda Moodley, 49, superintendent

“At a national level Zuma is doing well and performing duties but at a local level service delivery is poor.”







Anton Schoeman, 67, retired technician

“I’m in favour of Zuma, hes the buffer between a blood bath in South Africa. If he is kicked out of the ANC, Malema’s party will rule. Zuma should continue being president, its not about Nkandla because thats his home, its not about his wives, that’s his culture, its about how he has helped the country and how he prevented and is preventing civil war. We criticise him but he takes a lot.”



Rumana Akoob is a reporter for South Africa Votes 2014 based in Durban. Follow her on Twitter.