What it takes to work for Allan Gray: thou shalt not take selfies

    To stay focused or to take selfies? In an advert calling for new young blood to join their company, investment corporation Allan Gray, gives a hilarious take on what happens in a student study session.

    In a library, surrounded by heavy textbooks, six students are blearily gazing at the work they’re meant to be studying. The conceit of the advert is that Allan Gray installed five “hidden” cameras to track down exactly what students get up to during their study sessions. The answer: selfies are the best distraction for those who can’t stay focused.

    In the advert, called “Stay Focused – Allan Gray – Selfie Girls”, two girls soon begin modelling against book shelves, taking group selfies with their peers who don’t seem particularly interested, and proceed to annoy everyone in the room with the sound of their camera phone snapping away.

    The selfie girls soon get a selfie guy in on the fun. As the remaining studious members of the group side-eye the selfie trio, you may find yourself wondering why Allan Gray mentions the selfie girls, while forgetting to note that men can lose their focus too. News flash, Allan Gray: guys take selfies too!

    Allan Gray’s ad aims to recruit final-year students for its 2016 graduate intake programme. Two of the requirements: applicants must be able to resist Grumpy Cat and the selfie temptation.

    We’re not sure we’re buying Allan Gray’s approach though– after all, when was the last time you had a full on selfie-shoot in a public library?

    – Featured image: screenshot from the video