What you need to know about the candidates for ANC president


The ANC’s official nomination and campaigning season only officially begins at the end of September but, with just a few months until its December elective conference, the party’s most influential members are already jockeying for the top position.

The Daily Vox will be rounding up the top candidates, starting with Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, former African Union (AU) Commission chair. (Best viewed in full screen.)

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  1. comrades in reading this article I come to believe from a basis of writer’s cadence
    that writer have belief in what it wrote. Maybe it is most revealing to inject conditions which alter all candidates position. South Africa is only one generation out of Apartheid plus those who controlled Apartheid from a powerful position which is its economy still dominate South Africa economy promoting Apartheid procedures to maintain control. Those Apartheid like procedures exclude Buntu now as much as allowed although it it is not as much as it was under Apartheid. Truth is unto Buntu control South Africa’s economy those made rich under Apartheid will continue to dominate non rich especially Buntu. By taking control of South Africa’s economy through method Dr. Dlamini Zuma propose ( in a speech to gordon Institute Of Business on August 29, 2017) not only now but as wealth increase in South Africa more of it will be made available to non rich Buntu. This is sure to upgrade living conditions. In addition, improprieties of past may be corrected to whereas all share liability Buntu now endure unjustly alone. For instance for decades corrupt politicians of Apartheid stole tax dollars Buntu contributed plus placed that money in European bank accounts plus grew rich. Buntu received nothing for their tax dollars not even infrastructure which was to provide for construction of modern living quarters to replace shanty towns plus rural outdated shacks. All of South Africa’s Buntu presidents realized this criminal act occurred but none compensated Buntu by building infrastructure to support modern low income urban dwelling plus constructed modern low income rural dwellings. Rich owned construction firms of South Africa presented claim there would be enormous unaffordable cost to fulfill this goal. There claim was a lie to designed prevent compensation due Buntu for their stolen tax dollars. This goal could be fulfilled at a fraction of cost they proposed if managed by right management firm under a government monitored plus given contract. Eradication of shanty towns plus outdated rural dwelling will not only upgrade living conditions in South Africa it would also motivate Buntu people showing due compensation will be timely delivered for due actions taken by them. Dr. Dlamini Zuma is only Buntu candidate that comprehend economic conditions such as this in detail plus how to manage it in a way it is managed in best interest of people of South Africa. More to point unlike her predecessors she focus at satisfying needs of non rich in a way they may constantly have access to upgrading their living conditions in economic system that is structured for them to upgrade their living conditions as oppose to economic system like system now existing in South Africa which is structured to keep rich in position to dominate economy plus dominate is what rich do. As for Dr. Dlamini Zuma Buntu of this world could use one hundred million more like her despite fact with her intelligence she is capable of keeping Buntu men forever on our toes. Maybe that is what we need. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.


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