What’s a girl to do when she can’t find a public bathroom? #Asktopee [VIDEO]

    According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more people in India have mobile phones than access to toilets. Indian women sometimes have to hold their bladders for 13 hours before they can find a safe place to pee.

    As a social experiment, “Video Mama” of the YouTube channel Video Daddy asked people on the streets of India where she could find a public bathroom.

    She spoke to men and to women and reactions ranged from “pee at home” to “do it near the sea” and “sit behind a car”. One women even accusingly asks, “What have you done that you need to pee?”

    While men have no problem peeing on the side of the road if they have to, it’s not so simple for women. According to the video, 636 million Indians who don’t have access to any toilets and last year alone, 11,000 women could have escaped rape if they had had a safe place to pee.

    “Are we still proud of going to Mars? While our women can’t even go to the toilet safely?” asks Video Daddy.

    Watch the video: