Whose economic freedom is it, anyway?

A powerful photograph of Gareth Cliff and Dali Mpofu laughing as they walk past a man digging in a rubbish bin is making waves on social media.

South African writer TO Molefe posted a tweet with the picture, wondering who the photographer was. He was later assisted by a tweep, who confirmed that Times Live photographer Alon Skuy had taken the shot.

Some saw the picture as a display of irony at its finest, with Fikile Mbalula’s spokesperson Esethu Hasane posting an edited version of the picture, asking whose freedom exactly it is that Mpofu is fighting for.

Cliff was reinstated as an ‘Idols’ judge on Friday after the High Court ruled in his favour. He had launched an urgent application on Tuesday asking MNet to reinstate him or pay him R25 million in damages. Some saw the outcome as quite surprising, and weighed in on social media with some amusement.

High profile advocate and national chairperson of the EFF Mpofu represented Cliff in the case, and was criticised earlier in the week for making comments which some viewed as quite contrary to EFF values.

Skuy is an award-winning photographer, and is revered for his hard-hitting photography. He has shot in Marikana, service delivery riots in Soweto and famously shot the 2008 New Years Eve Hillbrow police raids.