Why your shirt shouldn’t say “fuck white people”


A video has popped up on YouTube by South African Renaldo Gouws who speaks about why wearing a shirt which says “Fuck white people,” is actually racist.

Gouws has made many videos of his opinions on the ANC government, Penny Sparrow and on why JZ is the worst president. Last weekâ€s one looked at a Wits student who wore a shirt saying, “Fuck White People.”

Basically, the entire video is a rant against Zama Ntunzi, the student who wore the shirt and why he is actually a racist. “Fuck White People, Iâ€m not a rocket scientist but thatâ€s either a very kinky offer or a very racist remark,” starts off Gouws.

He continues laying out why he won’t be engaged on the reasons behind the t-shirt: “Well Zama, let me make this brief for you, thereâ€s no need to have a full on conversation and thereâ€s no need for extraneous debate. Itâ€s really simple, you are a racist.”

Apparently Zama didnâ€t know what the dictionary definition of racism was. “Grouping an entire race of people together and saying fuck them because they are white is literally the dictionaryâ€s definition of racism. Itâ€s not rocket science.”

Gouws adds that Mtunzi is exactly what is wrong with this country. People with his type of mindset are the reason why the country canâ€t move forward. That wearing the shirt shows everybody what a “narrow-minded, attention-seeking racist” he is.

He says, “You literally blame white people in 2016 for all the issues in this country. Without even looking at the possibility of how an inefficient and corrupt government couldâ€ve had a hand in this.”

Also, in case you missed it, “I am a white individual, Surprise!” says Gouws. He is a nice guy who fights white privilege “tooth and nail,” having raised R100 000 for the “previously disadvantaged” in South Africa.

“Now with all of that being said, you wore a t-shirt that says, fuck white people. Your t-shirt directly says, fuck me, fuck the work that Iâ€ve done and fuck everything about me because I am white. You are judging me based on my outer appearance instead of my actions as a human being. Your entire movement wants to open a dialogue about racism but instead you are exactly what you preach against,” says Gouws.

Featured image: screengrab from the video


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