Uzalo: Will GC and Jojo’s love overcome family interference?

The latest storyline that has Uzalo viewers in the feels involves viewer favourite, GC, who’s caught between his family and the man he loves. Now viewers are wondering how much longer he’ll be part of the soapie. The Daily Vox team rounds up.

GC, played by Khaya Dladla, is a homosexual man who left home for the township in order to live his life openly. But when his parents arrive in KwaMashu, GC has to pretend to be straight, much to his friends’ surprise.

But his parents are there to surprise him – he learns they’re there to take him back home, to arrange his marriage – to a woman! His father Cetshwayo is a chief back home, and GC is expected to return there to marry and have babies with Hleziphi, who his parents have chosen for him, naturally unaware that he’s not interested in that kind of life.

GC is too afraid of revealing his sexuality to his father for fear that his family will disown him. His parents are typical traditional parents who won’t hear a word about homosexuality.

After trying to convince his parents that he has a girlfriend in KwaMashu, GC appeals to his friend Thobile to be his fake girlfriend. Cetshwayo was thrilled to learn that GC has a girlfriend who is four months pregnant, but the plan backfires when the family tells GC he will have to take Hleziphi as his second wife.

When the whole drama becomes too much for him, he writes a suicide note to his friends, thanking them for all their support. In the letter he pours out his heart, thanking them for having his back for years and allowing him to be himself. He is devastated about the fact that life is tearing them apart, but he can’t stand his situation of being forced to be someone he is not. He says that he has decided to go somewhere, where he will find eternal peace.

GC has written a letter to his parents too, confessing his love for Jojo. His mother knew all along that GC is in love with Jojo but she still forced him to go back home and get married to Hleziphi. Will she be able to live with herself if her only son goes ahead with committing suicide?

Viewers can’t wait to find out what GC will choose. Will he go home, marry Hleziphi and live in a closet for the rest of his life? Or will his boyfriend Jojo save the day?

Viewers are adamant that Uzalo will never be the same without GC, with some saying he is the driver of Uzalo and producers dare not get rid of him.

Uzalo writers have received praise for introducing a storyline that addresses homosexuality within the black community, and Dladla has been lauded for mastering his role. His storyline has resonated with many viewers, whether they are homosexual or not.

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