Wits SRC president: down with white supremacy, up with Hitler!

    Wits SRC

    Then Wits SRC president Mcebo Dlamini was in the news last week for stating “I love Hitler” on Facebook, and saying that every white person has a little bit of Hitler in them.

    On Monday Wits vice-chancellor Adam Habib formerised the SRC president, announcing that Dlamini was removed from his position owing to a previous assault charge, for which he was found guilty by the university’s disciplinary committee.

    While Habib was careful to note that the Hitler comments had nothing to do with Dlamini’s dismissal, he also said: “I would also like to make it categorically clear that I believe that these comments violate the fundamental values of Wits University and that Mr Dlamini has brought our institution into disrepute.”  Habib has referred this matter to the Law Office for further investigation.

    In an interview with Power FM, Dlamini called the decision to remove him as SRC president a joke and said that Habib did not have a case against him.

    Stripped of his SRC duties, Dlamini will have some time on his hands. We suggest he use it to catch up on his reading around Adolf Hitler’s attitude towards black people. Who’s a joke now?