Xenophobic violence in KZN: “This is a black Easter for foreigners”


Xenophobic violence reared its head in Durban this week, with foreign nationals given an ultimatum to leave the country left fearing for their lives and seeking refuge with police. According to IOL, about 120 people were attacked in Isipingo on Monday night.

“This is black Easter in KZN for foreigners,” said China Ngubane, a human-rights activist based in Durban, who was on the scene.

“In Malugazi, 3km from Isipingo, shops are being looted now. One Ethiopian [was] allegedly killed.”

“In Kenville, near Moses Mabhida stadium, roads are blocked; foreign-owned shops looted. One Indian couple [was] chased from a house. [There were] reports that the couple may have been killed,” Ngubane said in an email.

Another eyewitness, who asked not to be named, told the Daily Vox that the protests did not appear to be organic.

“It didn’t look like your normal people joining a mob; this looked orchestrated,” he said.

Foreign-owned shops in Isipingo have since been boarded up and street hawkers have fled.

“There are a lot of guys who are hawkers [in Isipingo]; they’ve got little tents, cutting hair, selling things on the roadside – they’re all gone,” he added.

Isipingo xenophobia 2 [china ngubane]After the attacks, foreign nationals fled for safety to the Isipingo police station.

It’s believed that the riots were sparked by comments made by Zulu king Goodwill Zwelithini last week. Zwelithini was reported to have said that foreigners should be deported as they were competing with locals for employment opportunities.

Members of the mob allegedly told foreigners Zwelithini had said foreigners should go home “by April 1”.

The SA Human Rights Commission has launched a probe into the remarks, but Zwelithini has now denied making them.

KZN community safety and liaison department spokesperson Sipho Khumalo told East Coast Radio that police had a security plan in the works and that the department was trying to organise a forum to allow those affected to discuss their concerns peacefully.

“The MEC and the province of KZN have urged that all parties that are complaining about the presence of the foreign business people that let this matter be discussed in a forum with authorities with the view of resolving it amicably,” he said.

– All images courtesy of China Ngubane.


  1. This is the problem caused by unguarded statements of a person that is supposed to be a royal father who is married to 2 foreigners. Charity begins at home. Let him start by sending his 2 wives away. They complain that we are taking over their women and jobs, if the were men enough, their women won’t go to other nationals. How many south African men are ready to work and remain working? These people are not wise in their doings.

    • Viva our King Zwelithini Viva.
      Viva the SON of our confused president Viva.

      When THEY were in exile, they were playing their part in the fight against apartheid.
      When we were killed in Sharpville, Soweto, Kwamashu etc… we were playing our part in the struggle against apartheid. When dey come back from exiledey open pur borders 2wide tokeep de promises dey made to these foreigners without our consent.

      To be considered a freedom fighter in dis country, u must be coming from exile, else de govermnent dat u elected to power will not bother even listening to yo concernes.

      When we took our first free walks to taste the lifes in our predominant
      Y white cities and towns, it was too late, every square metre is occupied by a foreign nationalwho is highly connected to some high profile politicians and doesnt give a damn what de problem of an SA citizen from Alexander or Plastic ville is. Selling drugs freely, drugging school kids easily amd bribbing cops for survival daily. Hijacking buildings fearlessly and charging our people mercilessly. The constitution that needs tamgible proof for alleged crimes, commited by rich fpreigners who affprd bribing their way put of maxiprisons and high magistrate courts, not to mentio the underpaid cops on our streets and impoverished soldiers on our borders, is just not working. We fought fpr freedom and fpreigners are enjoing the fruits of our battle. Someone has to urgently talk some sence in the ears of our politicalleaders. How can u work hard for the fiture of your kids but let foreign kids come and enjoy when your own kids are stuck in rubbish?

      For your info, when u mary a woman here inAfrica, she becomes one of you, she is bought from her family and comes to enlarge your family. She cant go back unless she is devorced, she is naturalised here, so stop disrespecting the wives of our King lest u drift with your foreigners.

      • But the rich foreigners are not being attacked – only the poorest of the foreigners trying to eke a living in the nation’s treacherous streets are falling prey to those responding to the Zulu king’s war cry.

        And this eviction edict by the King – does it apply to tourists and whites as well, or just foreigners of African extraction?

    • You foreigners come in a large number as lone ranger leaving your children and wife behind to hjack our girls prostitution and pay them by selling them drugs , check our once beautiful cities (CBD’s) they are as filthy as your countries now , you foreigners are busy pinching this counrty bit by bit. They must bring their family.

  2. You foreigners come in a large number as lone ranger leaving your children and wife behind to hjack our girls making them prostitutes and pay them by selling them drugs , check our once beautiful cities (CBD’s) they are as filthy as your countries now , you foreigners are busy pinching this counrty bit by bit. They must bring their family.

    • Black South Africans who are taking part in this are the silliest of mankind. Attacking your real brothers and sisters when the real enemy is enjoying all the glittery gold of your country. Boers sit back and relax while we kill one another. Open your eyes and realize you have been locked chained. I hope one you will finally realize.

    • Golf or wat ever ur name is! U re a first class fool, ur re talking about girls I can see dat prostitution is in ur vein. For ur information every where in dis world ve foreigners , u can not even work if they ask u to do! U prefere to steal. U don’t wanna work but u want to become rich dats why violence is in ur DNA, am sure u did’t finish ur matric dats why u re clueless.
      Try to travel to expirence wat life is all about, one day u or ur children will became a foreigner in another mans land.
      U ve been brain wash by ur so called king.
      Tink b4 u talk not talk b4 u tink..

    • If people read a little and reflected more, you would sèe that you are your own enemies. South Africa did not become free by the actions of onw man or a one people. To know this is to be enlightened. The irresponsible statements that we bandy about cost lives and livelihoods of both foreigners and natives alike. Look beyond the nationality, colour or creed of all and let humanity guide ýou. Is this not the foundation upon which this free nation is based on. There is a man who would turn in his grave to have seen this.
      Chaos reigns when vigilantes are allowed to perpetrate injustices against the defenceless. Everyone has a right to be heard in their country but, I hasten to add, noone has the right to take the law into their own hands, loot, pillage, commit arson, assault and murder, however agrieved.
      By the same token, no man should expect to go unnoticed, if he earns a living in another land and does not pay his taxes like everyone else. In this case a man only becomes a burden to his neighbours as he puts a drain on facilities he does not pay for nor help to maintain. Yet all requires a measured response from policy makers and enforcement agencies.
      Stop this rot.

  3. Not taking sides with foreigners, but lets all remember that during hard times, most political leaders took refuge on foreign land, i have travelled to most african countries and to be honest they look up to us as a big brother, its just too sad that when some of them get here they get involved into criminal activities that gives every foreigner even the honest hard working ones a bad name, i think it boils down to the government to really look into creating more jobs and doing more for its people,
    if you take a look at England – London it is made from close to 40% foreigners and they use it to the best of their advantage to build their country (foreigners are they main employees in all the odd jobs to keep the country running smooth).
    If our legal system is not taken for granted (crime is crime regardless and people are sanctioned for their actions openly) , and something is done about jobs and education (teach our youth not to always look for the easy way out, then we will build one of the greatest countries in the world)

  4. Foreigners are doing drugs thats true but wer is sap on this. A police force wich is sure about nation building musnt accept bribes. We can cry about foreigners but we as s africans we are to blame.

  5. Based on the history of the Bible and the Koraan,foreigners are a blessing for the host Country. SA is loosing his blessing because of Xenophobia. Brothers and Sisters,we didn’t choose to be born Soith Africans. God created us as S.African for a purpuse. I believe that South African is not great than all the African ountries.But when people choosed SA,it is a blessing from God. We should create peace for all people of the World rather thinking for ourselves. Job,Money or richesses belong to God. You can fight or kill foreigners,maybe it won’t change your situation. Our Ancestors in S.A were fighting justice not xenophobia. This time,is a specific time to honor our ancestors by putting everyone together,creating harmony among people of the world. Then SA will prospere.

  6. This a serious matter that can destroy the country if don’t know ask the Rwanda in 1994. Please resolve the matter soon otherwise the country can destroyed.


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