Remember the black domestic worker who got beaten with a sjambok?


Dear SA-Loving Philanthropists,

Remember the black domestic worker who got beat up with a sjambok because “Oops, thought she was a prostitute”? Wouldn’t it have been cool if there was a collection for her so she could retire from being a domestic worker and not run the risk of being in the same neighbourhood and beaten up?

Or the grandma who was humiliated in PicknPay and then got an apology and an R500 voucher instead of possibly getting a big enough fund so that henceforth she’d only shop in Woolies?

Or the oke who got peed on when walking past a nightclub?

Or the workers who were forced to eat pee-laced food?

Or the family that was left behind after their son, father and husband was fed to the lions?

Or the parents who lost a child because he was shot “mistaken” for a monkey.
Or or or…

Oh wait.

That was different.

*cries me a rainbow-coloured river*

Zukiswa Wanner is a writer. This post originally appeared on her Facebook page .


  1. Remember the thousands of farmers who were brutally killed by criminals last year?
    Remember the thousands of families affected by the crime in this country?
    Remember the thousands of people who were hijacked at gunpoint by gangsters?
    Remember the thousands of women raped by home invaders each year?
    Remember the thousands of people mugged in SA each year?
    Or the women who were raped in a backpackers’ establishment on the coast?
    Or the dozens of people mugged on Lions Head and Signal Hill?
    Or the girl who was murdered and raped in Tokai Forest a few hundred yards from her mother in broad daylight?
    Remember the girl raped in Anazania House at UCT by RMF supporters?
    Or the busses that were burnt by RMF supporters?
    Or the Nazi Swastikas put up on Jameson Hall by RMF supporters?
    Or the lecturer who was beaten up by RMF supporters?

    Oh, wait.
    That was different…
    We’re not allowed to complain…

    Cry me an RMF River….

  2. Wouldn’t it be great if people took up a collection to buy new busses and research vehicles for those that were burnt down by RMF?
    Or if there was an online collection to rebuild the classrooms at Wits destroyed by RMF and FeesMustFall?
    Or if instead of spending millions of security to protect hardworking students from RMF, that money could be spent on students and bursaries? Online collection, anyone?

  3. Ag, let’s just have a campaign to give money to the Walkerville Family whose mother was raped by robbers, the father tired up and shot, and the son killed by drowning him in scalding water?

    Remember them?

    Oh, ja, that’s different…

  4. I remember all these things.

    I don’t remember the Daily Vox providing any details to assist these people? No accounts I could try and assist with money for medical bills, trauma or groceries.

    Is Daily Vox different?

        • You guys are completely missing th point, the article is meant to be whiny. It just points out how these injustices have been around for so long, experienced largely by minorities. Recently everyone has been feeling it’s sting. You think people getting raped or killed is anything new, this shit has been around. The problem is that minorities voiced these issues for a long time and still continue to voice them (it falls onto deaf ears mostly). But when majorities voice the SAME EXACT issues, people actually seem to listen. I’m sure you can see how this would be problematic. If not, I must be living in my own universe

  5. Good job writing the article. You know what would have been WAY better? Contacting the guys who created the fund raiser for the waitress. Asking them how they did it, and then maybe with their help creating a fund raiser for all the people you mentioned. BE part of the solution, instead of whining like a little child.

  6. The domestic worker was not beaten with a sjambok. She was slapped by an overzealous arsehole but she was not sjambokked. The sjambok case was a dentist who mistook someone for being the person who broke into his vehicle. But then again, facts don’t matter when you’re being outraged and self-righteous.

  7. Hey Tony what have you done to help these people fam?

    All i see is you running your mouth like a faggot.

    Pff. Fake ass bitch

    • First of all, you must have me confused for someone else because my name is Toni. Second of all, I have to commend you on your grammar. It’s lovely to see such creative use of the English language. Lastly here’s a big FUCK YOU. I really try not to do shit like this online but it’s people like you that piss me off. I don’t believe in talking shit online buuuut what you can do is go eat a bag of pimple covered dicks

  8. You should read Gareth van Onselen’s piece (Tweet of the Week) which is far more insightful and far less of a left knee-jerk than this piece. Two important points he makes – firstly, the donations are racially anonymous and the campaign was actually started by a black man. Secondly, this is not a “message from white people to black people”, it is a kind hearted reaction to a woman who was abused and ridiculed, mostly after the fact, by someone who was revelling in her humiliation. It is also a big middle finger to the fascist RMF group and their ilk. P.S. – the childish attempt to draw parallels between this incident and the others is simplistic and stupid. Have you heard of a straw man argument? If not, please google it.

  9. I would posit that the engine that drove this unusual level of fund raising was not the skin tone of the waitress as much as it was Mr “Rhodes Scholarships” very public social media gloat at her distress which subsequently was discovered had very little to do with his friends “very brave revolutionary act” and everything to do with her mom’s battle with cancer and her working two jobs to try and afford the medication and to be able to continue with her studies. As added combustion to the fire Mr “Rhodes” has subsequently made it very clear that he remains 100% unrepentant for his actions. The fact that he has had the benefit of one of the finest scholarships on the planet and an incredibly bright future ahead of him and yet possesses not a shred of compassion for someone who enjoys none of these privileges and was in fact waiting on him and did or said nothing rude, racist or unkind to him simply begged a back-lash. If, like other racists who have recently spewed their bile in social media, Mr “Rhodes” had even attempted an apology this whole matter would have fizzled out in a day or two and we would not be reading about the huge sum raised. None of the examples of other racist attacks above give us a racist perpetrator who remains to this day defiantly unapologetic for their crimes claiming that theirs was a righteous act……. Mr “Rhodes” stand alone in this regard and I suspect that if he persists even more money will continue to be donated to demonstrate peoples offence at his lack of humility and lack of humanity.


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