Remember the black domestic worker who got beaten with a sjambok?

Dear SA-Loving Philanthropists,

Remember the black domestic worker who got beat up with a sjambok because “Oops, thought she was a prostitute”? Wouldn’t it have been cool if there was a collection for her so she could retire from being a domestic worker and not run the risk of being in the same neighbourhood and beaten up?

Or the grandma who was humiliated in PicknPay and then got an apology and an R500 voucher instead of possibly getting a big enough fund so that henceforth she’d only shop in Woolies?

Or the oke who got peed on when walking past a nightclub?

Or the workers who were forced to eat pee-laced food?

Or the family that was left behind after their son, father and husband was fed to the lions?

Or the parents who lost a child because he was shot “mistaken” for a monkey.
Or or or…

Oh wait.

That was different.

*cries me a rainbow-coloured river*

Zukiswa Wanner is a writer. This post originally appeared on her Facebook page .