Zuma “wrong and crazy” on victimless corruption


On Sunday, the City Press reported that, in a 2009 National Prosecuting Authority report, President Jacob Zuma stated that “corruption is a Western paradigm” Zuma was using this as a justification for why charges of corruption against him relating to the arms deal should be dropped. He also said that even if corruption were a crime, it was one with “no victims.” AAISHA DADI PATEL asked Jo’burgers what they make of this.

AnonymousFelix Miller*, 20, student, Johannesburg
It’s interesting that he says corruption is a ‘Western thing’ when we’ve seen it in other African states; corruption is a global thing. I find it very interesting that the National Prosecuting Authority dropped charges on such a frivolous 88 page document. He says that cronyism should be legalised – for who? I just find everything baseless and it shows that in South Africa, it’s about who you know when you want to get certain things done. And we’ve clearly seen it in this case.

MapuleAnne Mapule*, 38, public servant, Johannesburg
You can’t say that just because in the olden days it was accepted, it excuses the fact that corruption is wrong. It is a crime. Money has been taken away from the poor. As a person in public office he should have been conscious of the fact that he was taking from somebody. He’s wrong and he’s crazy!

Dino SardianosDino Sardianos, 21, politics student, Johannesburg
He’s trying to say Western people used systems like exploitation and indoctrination, which led to corruption and that after independence, notions like self-entitlement – the idea that I fought for freedom and now it’s time for me to gain back – kind of stuck. But if we allow cronyism and corruption, how reliable is democracy, and how trustworthy is our government?

Siyanda MpanzaSiyanda Mpanza, 35, Johannesburg
Corruption in this case is referring to commercial crime which Schabir Shaik here in South Africa, under South African law, was charged for. The notion that it is a ‘western paradigm’ is intellectually uninformed.  Zuma should have just argued that even the Apartheid regime was corrupt, like the payments made to George Matanzima in that time and to many others, including Buthelezi and his party. A layman could use that to justify himself, so why not the president? The claim that there is no victim in corruption is a joke. State funds are involved here and with service delivery as a priority for government, that makes citizens victims of corruption because it involves state funds. If it was a private entity, it would be different. But for me, Zuma’s statement is factually unfounded.

Nadeem MahomedNadeem Mahomed,  21, accounting student, Northcliff
The notion that corruption is only a crime in the Western world cannot be relevant in any South African context; it goes against our own Constitution which President Zuma has sworn to protect and uphold. His statements can only be seen as a defense of his actions. To say that there are no victims of corruption is untrue. When public servants commit corruption, they effectively take away from the citizens of South Africa. Corruption eats away at the already-limited resources that government has. President Zuma should know this. It’s worrying that he said such things.

– Voxes have been edited for brevity and clarity

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  1. Perhaps we can make a distinction between Western and African corruption. Africans tend to be rentiers and more like direct theft. In the West, the corruption is completely legalised and sanitised… like banks blowing up the world economy, gettting a bailout, and sending the bill (austerity) to the people… I disagree with Zuma, but please let us stop this nonesense that the West is not corrupt. The European Commission has not hada clean audit report in over 14 years! Even Trevor Manuel would have a hard time beating that record after he (then Pravin) sat on the most corrupt part of our recent history. And then he is hired by Rothschild… birds of a feather… Zuma may have a point… but it is lazy thinking by this Presidency! If Zuma was true to the African cause, he would be building Chaebols and Keiretsu, not this rentier elite renting out buildings and stealing from the Health Care budgets… but with mampara economic ideas of Kleva Treva dominating, how can it be otherwise?


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