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The Daily Vox aims to put the young citizen at the centre of news.

Our reporters seek to find, curate and amplify the voices of young South Africans caught between the drudgery of old politics and new protectorates. Whereas the young are often at the periphery of traditional media, they are our priority.

Not the officials and the experts but the people – be it in the city centre, the urban peripheries or the rural heartlands.

The project is independently funded (read: we’re open to donations), and has no affiliation to political parties or candidates (read: we’re not open to brown envelopes).

If you have story idea, send us a message via the contact page. If you want to get in touch with our journalists, tweet ’em.


Benazir bio pic

Benazir Cassim, sub-editor

Benazir is a qualified attorney, but she will not get you out of jail if you get arrested. She’s too busy policing grammar and spelling as The Daily Vox’s sub-editor.


Mohammed Jameel Abdulla, junior journo
Jameel is a fallist.


Aaisha Dadi Patel, Jozi reporter /columnist
Aaisha is the Johannesburg-based senior reporter for The Daily Vox, having been a part of the team since it’s inception in 2014. She is currently completing her master’s degree in media studies at the University of the Witwatersrand. Her research and reporting interests include gender and representations of Muslim women in the media, although she’s covered everything from politics to polar bears.

Fatima Moosa bio picFatima Moosa, intern (social media and Top of the Vox)
Fatima is a third year Politics and International Relations major at Wits University. She wants to work in international news and is especially passionate about women’s rights issues. Her favourite pastime is reading, regardless of the subject matter.


Mishka Wazar, intern (special projects)
Mishka is a student at the University Currently Known As Rhodes. She is a militant. She is militantly against wrong.

Tendai Marima profileTendai Marima, Zimbabwe contributor
Tendai is a freelance journalist and academic researcher based in Southern Africa. A graduate in comparative literature, she is currently completing a postdoctoral research project on African women’s writing. Interested in all things Africa, as a journalist her articles have been published by Al Jazeera English, Think Africa Press and the business weekly, Zimbabwe Independent.


Azad Essa, co-founding editor
Azad is a journalist at Al Jazeera.  He is also the author of Zuma’s Bastard (2010) & The Moslems are Coming (2012)

Khadija Patel, co-founder & advisor
Khadija pushes words on street corners. Formerly a senior reporter at the Daily Maverick, she is now a writing fellow at the University of Witwatersrand’s Institute for Social and Economic Research. (Wiser).


185619_10150095039371296_2586198_nAasia Fredericks, social media consultant
Aasia Fredericks is a girl who grew up in Eldo’s (South of Joburg) and didn’t know she was coloured, black and disadvantaged. She didn’t go to university and so has to hustle to make ends meet. Aasia is large and in charge, and doesn’t have enough money to be considered ishkothane. But she can twerk. Digital Ops manager by day, pseudo amateur comedian by night.

Naeem Mayet profile picNaeem Mayet, digital strategist & problem solver
Naeem is based in Johannesburg, South Africa, and works in work in eCommerce, automotive aftermarket, photography and startup businesses.

We’ve also received tremendous support from Faatima Tayob, Safiyyah Patel, Saaleha Idrees Bamjee, Simon Williamson, Will Mutua, Hasan Patel, Mohsin Ali, Soud Hyder, Andrew Philips and Alia Chughtai, who are advisors to the editorial and design team.

The Daily Vox is completely independent and we rely on your generosity. Support homegrown talent. Support original journalism. Help us tell your story.