More Promises – Has the President finally shown South Africans his colours of absent government? 

South Africans will once again be tuned in to listen to President Cyril Ramaphosa deliver the “state of sorrow address” to the nation on February 9. Meanwhile Eskom provides a lack of service delivery. 

One of the notable elements about the 2023 state of the nation address that President Cyril Ramaphosa will deliver will be a loadshedding free speech – which demonstrates where priorities of government lie. 

If the government can commit R8 million, and immense efforts on loadshedding free speeches, this simply showcases to youth and every citizen of this country that the government is not committed to provide a sustainable impact plan to fix the energy crisis, and provide a detailed plan to eradicate poverty and unemployment. 

The profound depth of the government’s inactive response to increasing job losses, unemployment and civil unrest completes the picture which ordinary South Africans have about the ANC-led administration. The question which arises is will President Cyril Ramaphosa again make sound on petitions which will come into fruition or will he take South Africans into his confidence and implement post SONA? 

As South Africans see this, hopes in the government are dwindling, beliefs and hope in a better South Africa are decaying. What will remedy the malady which is bleeding greatly by loadshedding, corruption, mal-administration and nepotism in higher offices? 

Escapism has become a new reality for South Africa’s youth. Dependence on drugs, alcohol are the root causes stemming from a lack of sports and recreational facilities in rural and local communities. There is also the debilitating infrastructure for instance libraries and art theatres. 

Critical questions on what the SONA will offer need to be brought bare. Poor health services for ordinary South Africans, an unsustainable plan for state-owned enterprises, government specialising with bail outs all the time – this demonstrates why our country is in a fast paced decline because of an absence of leadership. 

As the youth, our call to action would be this – our President needs to come to terms with the reality that many South Africans have lost hope in his presidency and leadership style. 

If every single day and night South Africans who live in crime ridden communities have to be exposed to darkness due to Eskom’s inability to address the energy crisis – why should we believe in a turn around post the SONA. This will be far worse for South Africans who will be unable to listen to the SONA due to powercuts and blackouts. 

There is a murmuring, groaning and disbelief after 1994 that the state of the nation is far worse, road and rail infrastructure has declined, leading to public transportation becoming the only option besides the Gautrain. 

As things stand, South Africans need to call President Cyril Ramaphosa into account. 

And ask for an immediate response to the nation’s cries. If not so, voices on the ground are alluding to a possible civil unrest if the condition of the nation’s interest does not improve at all. 

Civil society organisations, and various sectors will raise the standard to mobilise if President Cyril Ramaphosa does not act in the capacity of his office, all thanks to the ruling party’s neglect and inability to care for a better South Africa for all. 

In closing, as President Cyril Ramaphosa takes to the podium for the SONA, the murmuring, the unrest, disturbance to his speech  in the assembly by opposition parties will only be but a fraction of an outcry from millions of South Africans who are faced with unemployment, millions also who do not know where their next meal will come from, and South Africans who are faced with pending job losses and a vastly disgruntled society. 

The views expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect the editorial policies of The Daily Vox.

Lebogang Victor Ditsebe, is a 27 year old activist and social journalist. His passions are rooted with community development and making a difference in his local community.

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