Top of the Vox: Cape Town’s superhero firefighters

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    “South Africans always ask us: “What are you doing here in our country? This country has too many of you people – why don’t you stay in your own country? – And they demand explanations that you cannot always give, because you feel threatened and afraid of giving the wrong answer – if there is even a right one.”

      Every so often, instances of xenophobia flare up in our headlines. We pay attention – if there’s violence involved. But what about the everyday realities of refugees and migrants in South Africa? Bongiwe Tutu spoke to a young Zimbabwean woman about the challenges she faces and Ra’eesa Pather reflects on the use of the problematic term “foreign nationals”.

      Must-read, this week
      With the peninsula ablaze our woman in Cape Town, Ra’eesa Pather, turned her hand to fire-chasing, and came back with some stunning images. Meet the heroic firefighters, the dedicated volunteers, and the residents whose homes were threatened. Now that the fires are (almost) over, we still have a warm glow in our hearts at the way communities banded together to fight the flames.

      Don’t miss
      It’s less than five years since Sepp Blatter & Co rolled into town to hold South Africa ransom for the duration of the 2010 soccer World Cup. But officials in Durban are confident their bid for the 2022 Commonwealth Games will bring only good things for the city. Since Durban is the sole candidate, success seems assured, but will it be a Pyrrhic victory? Local residents weigh in.

      Move over Marvel Comics, Cape Town has its own, real-life superheroes!
      Marvelous Heroes

      Weekend special
      It’s tough to rise to the top in any sporting code, no matter your background. But it’s even harder when you don’t have access to funding and have to walk 5km-plus just to get to training. Kudos to the amateurs from the Khayelitsha Boxing Academy who have made it into the national squad – and kept their Rio 2016 dreams alive.

      The week ahead
      Remember all the drama at the State of the Nation Address last month? Well, it’s time to stock up on popcorn again, as President Jacob Zuma answers questions in Parliament on Wednesday 11 March. And, in case you forgot, the interminable group stage of the cricket World Cup continues. At least we can count on Hash or AB to keep us entertained should we bother to get up to watch the Proteas vs Pakistan at 3.00am on Saturday.

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      – Featured image: By Safiyyah Patel.