How can South African youth rewrite Freedom Day in 2023?

National Flag of South Africa On a Brick Wall

South African youth are finding themselves in the middle of a storm. They are grappled by socioeconomic and socio-political challenges. These are eroding the confidence in the ANC-led government’s ability to practise the essence of bringing young people out of unemployment and despondency.

According to Stats SA, youth in South Africa remain disadvantaged in the labour, with unemployment of young people in South Africa being above national average. Considering such factors, there’s a growing concern that graduates in South Africa currently face a lower unemployment compared to those of other educational levels. As such unemployment among the youth continues to be a burden, irrespective of educational attainment.

Despite ramping efforts by the education department, there remains a huge gap of disparity between graduates and young people who are unfortunate enough to obtain a formal education qualification. Due to their inability to obtain financial assistance to further their studies or to even consider pursuing an education in South Africa. These is existing and deepening socioeconomic challenges which bring a barrier in young people finding their feet with education.

A question must be asked to the South African government. When will hopeful, enthusiastic non-political, and unbiased (favouritism) decisions be made by President Cyril Ramaphosa on behalf of all South Africans and not those who are party aligned with the African National Congress, for sale of access to resources and access to tap into opportunities which benefit all young people in South Africa?

For instance, the situation which recently occurred with President Cyril Ramaphosa’s administration – accusations have been ramping up that he is an indecisive leader  when he was delaying the announcement of his cabinet reshuffle.

As it stands, questions and concerns which have been holistically raised bring to our attention an existing need for a call to action by young people in South Africa are tabulated below:

• Increased voter education

• Public participation and public awareness on issues of national importance to our close relatives and families, and how these matters have direct impact on our existence and survival on an already ailing economy

• Accountability measures on local governments progress on addressing youth unemployment

• Accountability – check and balances on why there’s an existing gap on resource mobilization, youth capacitation

• Urgent reinvigoration for youth to be called to be part of tables of decision making – for us as youth to find expression in representation on masters and issues of national importance

Closing in on this important subject, are we heading into Easter holidays with South Africa facing an abyss of indecisive, incorrect and corruption-wrecked leadership and state of municipalities.

Or will we be seeing an optimistic outlook which South Africans and youth are going to be tapping into come the general elections year which is in 2024?