Top of the Vox: Zuma still dodging the R246m question

    “What the president is saying is: get pregnant, we will raise your child for you, there won’t be any consequences, and we will give you education as bonus. It’s not a solution.”

      What’s the best way to support teen moms? President Jacob Zuma seems to think it’s by separating them from their kids and banishing them to an island until they’ve completed their education. However, not all South Africans are sold on the idea.

      Must read, this week
      On Wednesday it was question time in Parliament and – although order ruled in the House – there were still some dramatic moments. TL:DR. The short version is that Zuma said only the minister of police could determine if and when he should #paybackthemoney; however, he did promise to withdraw his finger.

      Don’t miss
      Earlier this week the SABC’s Vuyo Mvoko was mugged on camera while waiting to do a live crossing. South Africans sometimes take a bizarre pride in our terrible crime stats, and now we can boast that we’re home to the world’s most brazen criminals. Ra’eesa Pather has some handy tips for all the journos worrying about their personal safety on the mean streets of SA.

      Zuma’s question-dodging kung fu is strong

      Ninja Zuma

      Weekend special
      We were very excited when Buzzfeed finally picked South Africa for its series featuring Americans eating snacks from other countries. Well, until we actually watched the video, which showed Buzzfeed thinks SA food equals Afrikaans dishes only. Let’s throw mopane worms at them!

      Weekly hangout: #thedress advert
      The Daily Vox managing editor Faranaaz Parker chatted to The Salvation Army’s Carin Holmes and Ireland/Davenport’s Wihan Meerholtz about the advert that took social media by storm last week. But did using
      #thedress meme to highlight domestic abuse have a real-world impact? Watch the video to find out.

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      – Featured image: By Safiyyah Patel.