Anger grows in aftermath of UFS rugby race incident


    There has been an outpouring of rage after black protesters were attacked by spectators and players at a rugby game a varsity game at the University of Free State (UFS) on Monday night.

    The scuffle broke out when when protesters interrupted a game between UFS and the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU), demanding an end to outsourced employment of cleaners at the institution. Multiple videos have circulated on social media showing how the brawl played out.

    According to witnesses, the violence moved from the field to the the residences where black students said they were targeted by white students and the police.  Students said white students threw rock at the protesting students and when the protesters retaliated, police reacted by shooting rubber bullets at them.

    The UFS said in a statement on Tuesday that classes would be canceled for two days. The university also announced an investigation into the incident.


    1. i think whites care more about themselves
      rather than putting others first they also treat each like they are treating blacks.they are lovers of themselves lovers money,selfish,cold.everywere they are in south africa i wonder i am wo rried about the next generation.


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