Black couple beaten by six white men outside KFC in Pretoria

A black couple was brutally attacked by six white men outside a KFC in Pretoria on Wednesday. The woman subjected to the attack filmed part of the ordeal. The video has gone viral on instant messaging platforms and social media.

In the video, the woman, whose identity has not been confirmed, can be heard saying “Are you gonna hit me?” repeatedly before dropping the camera and beginning to scream. She is then heard pleading with the attackers to stop beating her husband.

(Warning: The video contains disturbing sound and imagery.)

When the video was first posted on Whatsapp, it was accompanied by a message saying the six men attacked the couple after they asked them to move forward at a KFC drive-through.

The video has been retweeted 3 500 times. Police Minister Fikile Mbulula also tweeted about it, saying the SAPS would “attend to this with urgency”.

Gauteng police spokesperson, Kay Makhubela confirmed the incident and said four of the attackers were arrested and charged with pointing firearm and assault. Makhubela said the four appeared at the Pretoria North Magistrate’s Court on Friday and have been remanded in custody until their next appearance. The other two men are still at large.

  1. Henry Price Jr. says

    comrades have apartheid really been destroyed in South Africa or is it a case of it have gone undercover? On basis of incident in Pretoria where six caucasian men senselessly attack a Buntu couple Apartheid is alive plus doing its evil deeds in South Africa. It seem only actions fitting foe Apartheid is In Kind response where everyone feel pain caused by those who commit senseless Apartheid actions against Buntu. If government of South Africa gave as much attention to continued existence of evil Apartheid ways as it do carrying out corruption Apartheid truly would not exist. It is Apartheid that gave Buntu leaders of South Africa their selfish personality plus Buntu leaders of South Africa reward those caucasians today carrying out evil Apartheid acts against Buntu with acquiescence plus police inaction to address their evil deeds against Buntu. If Buntu are left to provide security to ourselves we should not delay a second beyond what it takes for us to effectively carry out In Kind response (as in they did what they wanted to do to us thus it is fitting for us to do as we feel just to do to them in response) plus maintain security for Buntu people .
    Very much sincere,
    Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka
    Kankan aka “Gue”.

  2. Mfanene Meshack Shiba says

    I’m sick & tired of this racial attack especially directed at our black nation. I think it’s the government intervene, intervene convincingly otherwise the anger that is building up looks dangerous.
    The Minister of Police should make it a point that our black people are protected.

  3. Klaus Zwiegler says

    From 1 January to 31 July 2017 there have been 257 farm attacks, and 53 farm murders reported, in South Africa. It’s terrifying, it’s shocking, it’s routine. In 212 days, 53 people were brutally killed, many tortured, and families torn apart forever.Yet this is the reality happening in South Africa- a reality that the liberal news media does not report- nor high-light in their newspapers. As you can see- there were TWELVE attacks and murders on whites during the same time-span the KFC “racist” attack took place- yet you did not see any of them hitting the headlines the same way the KFC hit ELEVEN main stream media outlets’ front pages in two days. BUT to the South African media a “racist” incident by whites are much more a felony worth going viral and news worthy- than 12 brutal attacks and murders on farmers and elderly white people.

    Neither did you hear Fikile Mbalula uttering ONE single word of condemnation- and not ONE police big wig promising retaliation against the black perps. NO word of condemnation from the Democratic Alliance and Adriana Randall either. I am not even going to talk about the black racist socialites that also became eerily quiet when a white is attacked or murdered. Killing whites in South Africa is “politically acceptable” – (even promotable) – and farm murders so common these days it does not even hit the main stream media anymore. There even is a ban on the media reporting white attacks and murders and NO race must be mentioned- BAR if the perpetrator was a white. Because white-on-black atrocities rarely occurs- the media exploits every morsel of any incident to blow out of proportion and distort it to major news.

    SOUTH AFRICA is torn apart by racism- from the regime, political parties, the media, blacks and whites alike. But it is just that racism that ironically keep the current regime in power and the British Jews in control- for was it not for the division racism create- black and white would long ago found common ground and worked together in a united nation. This would have spelled grave danger for the current regime and their Jew corporate handlers. “Divide and Conquer ” is their main weapon to rule. Thus– the leftist media are well exploited and specially trained to promote racism- and the white the age-old “villain” to be labeled as the ” devil ” in the black “democratic” garden of Eden to carry the brunt of the reversed racist attacks. As for now- we will brace ourselves for yet another barrage and very long and boring saga of KFC white “racism” again. God be with us.

    1. Dave says

      Being a farmer in South Africa is the most dangerous job in the world.

    2. Pedro el Citoyen says

      “British Jews”? Holy s**t, dude. Ease off the crack a little.

  4. habula sinampande says

    racism is evil no matter who perpetrates it,trying to justify the kfc incident by comparing it to farm attacks is racist in itself,criminal activity is not confined to race nor race related,#notoracism,we all Part of Humanity,stop acting like uncultured brutes

    1. Dave says

      @Hubula Where did he try to justify it? His point was about far left “liberal” media’s bias. He simply made a comparison.

  5. habula sinampande says

    long and boring is it?slavery,racism and colonialism were also ‘long and boring’,im no racist,i got white people i love like my mother’s kids,but people like you klaus belong to the dustbin of history much like the aforementioned evils that were perpetrated in the name of white supremacy,you disgust me with your narcisistic opinion,crime is a social ill brought about by social inequality,racism is a state brought about by narcism,notoracism regardless of the perpetrator

    1. Dave says

      “I’m no racist, I got white people I love…” That’s the same as a white person saying “I’m no racist, I have black friends”. Except in the latter case, whitey gets hounded and shut down. Double standards.

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