Condemn xenophobia like you defend Nkandla, Malema tells Zuma


Speaking in parliament on Thursday, EFF leader Julius Malema blamed President Jacob Zuma for the ongoing xenophobic violence across the country.

But he went one step further than merely placing all blame on the country’s first citizen for the violence meted out on foreigners – most of them black African migrants – over the past two weeks.

Malema said the president’s body language during his speech on Thursday left a lot to be desired.

In a speech earlier that day, Zuma addressed all South Africans, asking for the violence to end. Malema, like many others, felt that Zuma’s speech was not only uninspiring; his demeanour was almost repugnant.

“Mr President, you come here, you want to condemn violence against xenophobia, but the Cubans have taught us that body language speaks volumes than speech.

“But when you were defending the spending in Nkandla, your body language was very much stronger,” Malema said.

The EFF leader’s comments came as thousands of South Africans take to the streets to condemn the continuing attacks, with many accusing the government of still not taking the issue seriously.

Watch the video. It is pretty epic. Nice speech-writing team you have there, Julius.

– Featured image: By Ihsaan Haffejee. 


  1. Today I watched a clip on you tube. TWO ZIMBWAWEANS BOYS BEIGN TOCHED ALIFE. I looked to the heavens, then closed my eyes, and recalled painfully.
    You see, when apartheid ended, a new flag was designed for South Africa and formally adopted in 1996. It is unique in having six colours, which allow for many associations – red-white-blue for people of English and African origin, green for Muslims, black-green-yellow for African National Congress supporters or red-white-black-green-yellow for Zulus. The Y-shape symbolizes the ‘converging of paths’ and history ‘merging’ with the present-day. However, South African doesn’t respect the VALUE FOR AFRICAN HUMAN LIFE. I would emphasize that South Africans are generally XENOPHOBIC no doubt about that.


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