#ForumMalema: The revolution goes out on radio

Hundreds of members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) stormed into the Gauteng Province Legislature demanding that their members be reinstated, Johannesburg, South Africa, 22 July 2014. Last month EFF members were dismissed from the provincial legislature after the speaker declared that their uniforms did not abide by the rules of the legislature. The EFF claim that they wear overalls so that they can be representative of the working class of South Africa. The EFF finished 3rd in the recent national elections held in May.

On Friday morning, SAfm’s Sakina Kamwendo spent an hour in speaking with Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema. Juju threw some jabs at the ANC, pledged solidarity to his overalls and defended Zuma’s daughter. When the hour was up, the EFF had won some fans. RA’EESA PATHER reports.


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