Have you seen the animated gif that was shot from space? [VIDEO]

    Digital art is pushing the boundaries of what artists can do and how they do it. UK-born artist INSA has taken his work to new heights – literally. His latest GIF was created using satellite imagery.

    It took four days for INSA, who dabbles in the art of GIF-iti, to paint four massive murals, covering 57,515m2 of real estate in Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Each painting was then photographed from a satellite in space (we kid you not), and meshed together into a one-second GIF that has now broken the record for the largest animated painting ever. That’s what happens when your painting can be seen from space.


    “The Internet has changed our views on art and I wanted to cross both worlds, and make work that existed in online space even more than it existed in the real space,” INSA says in a video about the making of the gif.

    But critics say the work is “contrived” and “nothing more than an advertising stunt” – the project was sponsored by alcohol brand Ballantine’s, which profiled INSA for its series, the Stay True Story.

    So, is it art or is it hype? You be the judge.

    – Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube.