Joburg orthodontist’s dubsmash advert goes viral


Johannesburg-based orthodontist Dr Muhammed Kaka has been making waves with his unconventional marketing methods, specifically his use of self-dubbing app Dubsmash. AAISHA DADI PATEL explains.

Muhammed Kaka, an orthodontist recently returned from the USA, has taken advantage of the recent Dubsmash fad to announce that he’s now practising in Greenside, Johannesburg, alongside his father.

For the uninitiated, Dubsmash is an app that allows a person to dub sound from a movie clip or song over a short video of themselves.

In recent months there have been several notable Dubsmash battles featuring Hollywood stars trying to outdo each other in successive Dubsmash videos. The app, and others like it, are also popular in India and Pakistan.

Kaka used dubbed music clips to reiterate parts of his video advert. In the first video, a smiling Kaka seemed happy and at ease as he introduced his business and welcomed new patients to come and consult with him for any orthodontic needs.

The second video featured an orthodontics-themed cover of Bruno Mars’s Uptown Funk. (Yes, that’s actually a thing.)

The videos have gone viral on mobile messaging app Whatsapp.

There was then a purported backlash from the Port Elizabeth-based Islamic “tabloid” The Majlis, which reportedly described the video series as “the consequences of a putrid and absolutely contaminated education system mixing with a hollow skull”. But the statement, which circulated via WhatsApp and email, turned out to be fake, a source close to Kaka confirmed.

Kaka nonetheless revelled in the ‘creative insults’ used to vilify him and responded, of course, with a Dubsmash-assisted apology.

Well played Dr Kaka

Editorial note: A previous version of this article include a paragraph from a fake press release from The Majlis being passed around. We apologise for the misrepresentation.


  1. Of course the “Majlis” would have an issue with any Muslim trying to have a little fun. If they dont like it, dont watch it!

  2. So is this article about this orthodontist or the Majlis?

    Even so – what relevance does it have to the readership of DV to bring in the view of the majlis? I find it rather strange and weird reporting by DV.

    Oh well, i have already realised and mentioned on these pages previously – DV is in a similar mould to DM UK and other “tabloids” – no real constructive journalism only sensationally driven bigotry, bias, crudeness and NON-news.

    i thank you Mr Essa

  3. Sorry to burst the bubble -but Dr Kaka did not receive a letter from the Majlis, that was a fake letter and the apology/Please Forgive me wasn’t aimed at Majlis either. It was sent a few days earlier and someone decided to make it look as if it was his apology to Majlis.

  4. “Kaka reveled in the creative insults used to vilify him and responded, of course, with a Dubsmash-assisted apology.”

    This is just not true. You can call Dr Kaka and verify this.

    That video had nothing to do with Majlis.

  5. What is even more confounding is DV linking the word “tabloid” to a website which does not add any value to a South African on the street. (Just like how references to the Majlis does not add value to the general South African population)

    A better representation would be if DV linked the world “tabloid” to the Daily Mail UK website or the Daily Sun SA website, perhaps even better and link it back to the DV website!

  6. Why is it so hard for some to believe that the majlis wouldnt have had something to say about this? This is exactly the kind of stuff that fatwas are made for!


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