Man loses his way into economy class, finds God


A 45-year-old man said his experience in an economy class cabin on a long-haul flight between Dubai and New York City had healed the breach between him and the Divine.

Michael Thomas, who wandered into economy class while searching for a vacant lavatory during the 17-hour flight,  said the scenes he had witnessed in the aisles of economy class had inspired within him a deep sense of oneness with God.

“People had so little space but they were so content; they were happy, some crying with joy,” Thomas told British media on his arrival in New York.

“It was a revelation: I felt like I had been transported to another realm and suddenly everything made sense to me.”

Thomas, who describes himself as “spiritual” rather than “religious” said the experience had proved to him that God was not an elaborate fantasy after all.

“I have spent years searching and searching,” he said. “But who would have thought I’d find God in economy class?”

Thomas said he would continue travelling first class because God had ordained that he enjoy the bounties of the heavens. He also denied that he had been drinking, saying the on-board offerings of the Gulf carriers were heavily subsidised by their governments anyway.

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Featured Image: By N509FZ, via Wikimedia Commons.


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