Patrice Motsepe, You Should Have Brought Beyonce To SA

Billionaire businessman Patrice Motsepe paid to bring the Spanish soccer team FC Barcelona to Johannesburg this week, to take on Sundowns in a friendly match as part of the Nelson Mandela Centenary celebrations. The Spanish side won 3 – 1 on the night. While we applaud Motsepe for bringing an international team to play against one of our best local soccer teams, after that humiliating defeat, MIHLALI NTSABO says we would have rather had him bring Beyonce to perform in SA instead and here’s why.

No South African would have been humiliated

There is no argument that South Africa was humiliated by that 3-1 defeat. If you had actually took the money and brought Beyonce instead, we wouldn’t have felt as humiliated as we did on Wednesday.


They lost… again

This is not the first time Sundowns has lost against Barcelona. The team lost 2-1 when they played against them in 2007. That should have been a lesson not to try one of the best international soccer teams out there.


Best live performer

I think we all can agree that Sundown’s performance was quite amateurish, and that’s a huge yikes from us. (Editor’s note: Um, Sundowns did fine, smh.) However, if that money was used to bring Beyonce, we know for a fact that everyone would have watched the performance of a lifetime. I mean Beyonce, is the queen of snatching performances, or maybe that’s just us.


She performed for Nelson Mandela before… and killed it

If Motsepe really wanted to add “celebration” to the Nelson Mandela Centenary celebration, then Beyonce would have would have made it feel like a celebration, like the last time she did when she performed for Nelson Mandela at the 46664 concert.


Beyonce pays her taxes

Why would you bring people, like Lionel Messi who evade paying their taxes, when Queen Bey is on track with her financial books? Just asking… (sips tea)


To the Sundowns team, shame, you all tried and we will give you props for that. But still, Beyonce would have been a better option.

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