Press Release: “We demand a better R350 grant for all!”

On Tuesday 18 October 2022, The community together with other organisation held a protest at National Treasury to call for a Basic Income Grant. The demans and grievances of R350 applicants was also handed over to a Treasury representative. The community also called on government to fulfil its constituntional and international obligation to provide social assistance. Other demands also include taxing the richest 1% bby in creasing Personal Income Tax for those earning over R1 million annually and commit to introducing an annual net wealth tax for the 3000,000 plus multi-millionaires. (Photo: Denvor de Wee)

As the year comes to an end, it once again ends on a difficult note for many R350 grant beneficiaries after Sassa stopped paying millions of people in South Africa. 

Several members of the community have come forward to share their frustrating and sometimes futile experiences in accessing funds to survive. 

Our members have highlighted barriers to applying for the grant, non-payments, delays with appeals and poor communication from Sassa. 

Seithati Ramotlapeng who is a mother of four children says she has lost hope after her numerous applications to receive the R350 grant were declined. 

“Maybe it will get approved, but since April till December, it’s been getting declined. We don’t know what’s happening,” Ramotlapeng said. 

The festive season comes with its own demands and pressures to feed families while the cost of living continues to soar. It is unacceptable that many families continue to starve. 

“The minute we go silent about all these problems, we would be failing R350 grant beneficiaries, allowing those responsible to get away with injustice. We must continue holding Sassa and DSD accountable, and it is important that stories like these continue to be told so those responsible are confronted with the consequences of their failures,” said Tlou Seopa, Campaigner. has been working with its members across South Africa since the grant’s inception to make it accessible. However, different issues emerged after new regulations were implemented in April which led to millions of citizens being excluded from receiving the cash they need to survive. 

We need to act now. 

South Africa is the most unequal country in the world. We need to listen to and act in the interest of the poor majority by supporting the demands mentioned above. Over 450 000 people have signed our petitions to increase social grants. Show your support here, here and here. 

For more information, contact: 

Tlou Seopa 


Cell: 067 654 6027