Students Explain Why The EFF Student Command Won At DUT

Students at the Durban University of Technology have reacted positively to the EFFSC’s victory. This after the student body won the SRC elections for the very first time at the institution. The Daily Vox spoke to a few students to find out what change they hope to see with the EFFSC leadership.

Lukhanyo Gatya, 19, student, Durban

I’m pleased with the results. When I first came here the SRC was the ANC Youth League, the following year Sasco won the elections but during both these organisations’ terms things haven’t been going well. I trust the EFFSC to bring change because I’ve seen how dedicated they are to solving students issues. Each time students had a problem they would rather approach them than Sasco because they are always available, they seem to understand the struggle whereas Sasco is never available to assist.

Last week DUT finally concluded its three day elections after a chaotic process where numerous complaints were raised. The Economic Freedom Fighters Student Command(EFFSC) took victory, which sparked outrage and saw plans to file for an objection to the IEC by some Sasco members.

DUT’s Messy Student Politics And Election Affairs

Ndumiso Sibiya, 19, student, Durban

It’s good to see change in leadership and I believe the EFFSC will fight for students tirelessly. Since the beginning of the year we’ve been having issues with NSFAS and Sasco didn’t do much to help the students. Until now, there are students who are still without funding but the year end is nearing already. All I want to see is change and I trust the EFFSC to bring us exactly that.

Sphokuhle Ganamfana, 19, student, Durban

Who is in leadership doesn’t really affect me because they are all the same. But, I believe that we have to give EFFSC a chance to prove themselves to the students. They have proved to care and consider students’ need in the past and they are not afraid to speak up and face the management. Hopefully some of the issues will be resolved as they take over the office.

Futhi Mngozi, 19, student, Durban

Students have spoken through the ballot papers and it’s a good thing really. I trust the EFFSC to lead effectively and take it upon themselves to assist students resolve the ongoing NSFAS issues. Those who are pointing fingers at others for doing what they feel is right for them are sellouts. Students were tired of promises so they voted for who they believe is best for them.

Featured image by Lizeka Maduna.