Top of the Vox: fans cheer on #ProteaFire ahead of cricket World Cup

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    “With AB De Villiers leading us, a victory cannot be too far off. I cannot wait to welcome them back at OR Tambo and play all their favourite jams. The Proteas have united South Africa, and even if we don’t win the World Cup, we have won something!”

    Proteas’ fans gave the South African national cricket team a flaming send-off to the cricket World Cup earlier in the week. Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula aka “Mbaks” was in fine form, and is sure our boys will bring home the trophy. We hope he’s better at predicting cricket results than he is at soccer!

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    Toon of the week: The perilous journey to higher education

    NSFAS Crossing

    The week ahead
    Like most of the country, we’ll be glued to our screens during President Jacob Zuma’s State of the Nation Address on Thursday. We’ll also be keeping an eye on campuses – and potential strikes – as financial-aid protests look set to continue. If you have tips on these – or any other stories you’d like to see covered – please do share with us.

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