Women’s Health columnist: “Vaginas look gross”

Remember that time a women’s magazine told you that you were perfect and should just love yourself the way you are? Us neither.

Sometimes we feel like women’s magazines basically exist to make you feel really awful about yourself so you’ll go and buy that eyeliner, sign up for that pilates class or get your crotch waxed. It’s like body-shaming 101 every month, starting with the photoshopping and the airbrushing of its cover girls.

But Women’s Health SA appears to have taken it to the next level this month with a column by one Josh Burt, who opines that “Vaginas look gross, they smell weird and they break every rule of being dainty and feminine by daring to grow hair around themselves.”

Dorothy Black, who pointed out this hot mess in an opinion piece for Women24, said that while she had no problem with the writer’s opinion, she wondered why a women’s magazine would “choose to highlight this very narrow, body-shaming view”.

“How do we expect to hand down or share healthier views on sex and body, to our daughters, sons, sisters, friends and the men in our life, if the mouthpieces of our time – the women around us – are still telling us we’re kinda gross and unacceptable?” she asked.

Anybody want to hazard a guess? Because it’s certainly beyond us.

– Featured image via Michelle Solomon on Facebook.