Holidays? What holidays?

Not everyone is on holiday during the festive season. As retail stores offer up temporary vacancies during the festive season, university and college students have scrambled to snap up positions on the shop floor. RA’EESA PATHER asked youngsters why these short-term jobs are so important to them.

Alissa AliassimeAlissa Aliassime, 21, sales assistant, Newlands
I’ve been working jobs since I was 13. If I’m not working, I just feel like I’m not allowed to do other stuff. I feel guilty going to the movies or going out with friends because I never really worked for that money. Both my parents have really good jobs, so we’ve never had a money problem, but I feel that’s the money they have worked for, and they earned it. I don’t see myself being friends with someone who goes out and spends R1000 that night and just doesn’t work. I usually spend on groceries, transport and going out with friends once a week.

Jorika MooreJorika Moore, 23, sales assistant, Rondebosch
I have a bursary, but I work to maintain a certain lifestyle. I’m a student and working full time, so I always come to work after lectures. My parents have done so much, so I don’t want to ask them for help, and I feel at this age, I shouldn’t be doing that. I usually spend on going out with friends to dinners, to lunches – I don’t really cook, so I always get takeout. And I do shop; certain brands cost certain prices. It’s hard because I’m always either working or studying, but it is rewarding to get your paycheck and treat yourself or someone you know.

Thando MgijmaThando Mgijma, 20, sales assistant, Gugulethu
The main reason I took this job was so that I could go out, and have fun with my friends. But it’s also to gain more experience in the working environment and to know how to deal with customers. I want to be an entrepreneur, so it’s to actually see how I can make innovations to my business. The money is just something to play around with.

Ashleigh StolkAshleigh Stolk, 20, sales assistant, Claremont
I want my own money to spend, and not rely on my parents, to gain experience and be independent. The company I work for is very lenient, so they give you days off when you need to study, then during holidays we work full shifts. I usually spend on my own stuff – so clothes, toiletries, and that kind of thing. My mom is a single mom, so her being so independent, I want to be the same way she is.

Farah SteenkampFarah Steenkamp, 20, sales assistant, Ottery
I need a bit of income for myself and for my studies, to get stationary and those kinds of things. Instead of sitting at home during holidays, this is a way I can keep myself busy and be productive with my time. I’ve been relying on my parents my whole life, so the independence is nice, and we all have to start somewhere. It’s nice knowing you can rely on yourself. I usually spend on myself or buying gifts for friends.

Taffy MwanzaTaffy Mwanza, 19, sales assistant, Wynberg
Having a job keeps you from mischief, it’s your own private sector where you can keep yourself busy and get to meet new people. I can depend on my parents, but it was an individual choice just to have something on the side where I can supply money on my own. Sometimes you need to give your parents that space to let them see that you’re growing, so they can trust you to do things. I want to be independent, because it’s nice to be an independent woman. I don’t go out a lot because I spend most of my time at work. I spend most of my money on airtime and buying my parents gifts just to say thank you for all those years where they took care of me.

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