No jobs for South African Indians?

A proposed amendment to employment equity legislation aims to address racial exclusion in the labour sector. Claims have been made, by the DA in particular, that the legislation will put Indian South Africans out of their jobs almost immediately. The new regulations will insist all firms use national demographics to determine management positions, however the population of Indians in Durban is larger than the national average which could leave more Indian people out on jobs in KwaZulu-Natal. RUMANA AKOOB spoke to South Africans of Indian descent to find out how they feel about the proposed legislation.


Tarish BechooTarish Bechoo, 21, mechanical engineering student, Shellcross

I don’t think we are going to find jobs now. We are supposed to be a rainbow nation and everything should be equal but it isn’t. it seems like it’s the same as apartheid. We are being disadvantaged.

I don’t think I would find employment. I think this was done to get people to vote ANC because everyone has been upset with the party and are turning away from them.


Mohamed MoolaMohamed Moola, 22, engineering student, Overport

This is based on the majority so everything is meant for one race and the ANC wants to stay in power so they side with the majority.

I definitely have no future here and will be leaving the country as soon as I’m qualified to look for a job if this happens.




Prinal MoodleyPrinal Moodley, 17, Information Technology student, Durban

This is not fair. Indians have made it on our own and worked for everything. We are a minority yet we have built a place for ourselves in South Africa. We were brought here as labourers and pushed through.

There have been so many years that have passed since apartheid was abolished and this has been introduced now? It’s apartheid against a minority.

I don’t see myself having a family in this country when we wouldn’t be able to provide for them.


Ashveer RamnathAshveer Ramnath, 20, computer engineering student, Pheonix

I feel the quota system is wrong. Everyone should have a right to jobs and any position available but with the right qualifications and experience… everyone should be treated equally, whether black, white, Indian or coloured.

This will leave me jobless if this is the direction our working sector is headed so obviously we would be forced to leave the country.

Even though this is to help black people, Indian, coloured people have also been discriminated against.


Kelisha PonsamyKelisha Ponsamy, 18, child and youth care development student, Chatsworth

It’s unfair to Indians. It’s so hard to get into university already and finding a job is going to be very tough.

In my field there are few job opportunities so once a certain quota of Indians is reached they wouldn;t even consider more and will throw CVs away.

I see myself struggling to find a job. Without experience you can’t get a good job.


Beveka DindayalBeveka Dindayal, 20, accounting student, Newlands

Opportunities are already limited because the population is growing. As much as the government wants to help they’re disadvantaging us. We are also black and were looked at the same ways during apartheid.

I’m afraid of what my future might hold.

  1. Sarah says

    I won’t tell you anything new, but it’s the same in any other field.
    You would think experience showes us at least anything, but no.
    Hate all you want but the world changes, and none of us have no control whatsoever over it.
    For instance, If only Barack had any balls to put Russian bear to his place, but it seems like it’s not happening, welcome WW3.
    A profound post, thanks!

  2. Anisa says

    In my opinion, The Indians of SA have it very soft. They are almost as privileged as the whites when you think of it. They benefited from the Apartheid government and they still benefiting from the current black government. So stop complaining cos your bread has been buttered on both sides.

  3. James says

    Remember Africa is for Africans! If you want to be part of this country, then you need to assimilate. You Indians first came to South Africa in 1860 and pretty much considered yourselves as Indians and not Africans. If you want to be considered as part of this country, then all your daughters should immediately marry African men and have African men father your children. The same applies to all non-African girls living in this country. If not then go back to India, Europe, China, or to wherever your ancestors came from. If you were real African then you would not be complaining.

  4. Sooveshni says

    I was employed as a receptionist at a very well established company in Durban.. However after a week and half they told me they need to let me go merely because the face of the company has to be a black person. For me to have started this job,my husband had to take an advance on his salary so our child could start creshe and I could have enough bus fares. Now they do this to us and has caused us to struggle more than the time I was unemployed. Its really difficult because both my husband and I have no family to rely on for help. This has caused us to be short for rent and food as well as take my son out of creshe. What can I do? Bare in mind I have no bad feelings against best friends are blacks but I feel the company or agency that hired e should have done their homework about the company being BEE based.

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