Panicked Durban mother throws toddlers from burning building [VIDEO]

CCTV footage of a Durban mother throwing her young daughters out of a window to rescue them from a fire in their building has emerged.

The dramatic footage shows the 33-year-old mother, who the Berea Mail names as Lilian Isoni, initially throwing her two-year-old daughter out of the window. The toddler was caught in mid-air by someone who opened the window on the flat directly below Isoni’s. Her four-year old daughter was not so fortunate – the toddler flew out the window, hit a ledge and was caught by bystanders on the ground who used a blanket as safety net.

Isoni, who had been in the shower when the fire broke out, jumped out of the window naked. She was followed by her husband, Alain Lokoka, who climbed out of the window and climbed slowly to the ground.

According to an IOL report, the fire in their flat in Mahatma Gandhi Road started at around 7am, while Lokoka was sleeping and Isoni was in the shower. Although the cause of the fire is unknown, it is suspected that it was caused by an electrical fault.

Watch the video below.

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