Rating Straws: The Daily Vox Edition


We tried every type of straw at our disposal for the love of turtles. In the past few years, the world has become more aware of the effect plastic has on ocean life. But the final straw (excuse the pun) for single-use plastic straws came when a video of a straw stuck in a sea turtles nose went viral. The public rallied, and that was the end of single-use plastic straws.

Can I Have A Straw With That?

Since then, there have been a number of alternative options on the market from steel straws to paper straws. SHAAZIA EBRAHIM and FATIMA MOOSA have tried and rated every type of straw so you don’t have to. Here’s what we think:

Single-use plastic straws

Fatima: We’ve all grown up using these straws. They are honestly the best thing ever. But the realisation that they are literally killing our oceans leaves a bitter taste in my mouth that even the ease of using it can’t remove. But honestly if they weren’t so bad, plastic straws would always win. 3/5

Shaazia: I used to love drinking from single-use plastic straws: they’re bendy, clear, give off no aftertaste, don’t conduct energy. But I’m traumatised after that turtle video and I just can’t use another one again. 1/5

Reusable Plastic Straws

Fatima: These straws are basically bigger versions of single use straws. They are supposed to be reused but how many times have I kept my straw? I can’t tell. In that way they kind of do the same damage like single-use straws. But as for the usage they’re good for drinking. 3/5

Shaazia: Reusable plastic straws are like thicker, sturdier versions of the classic single-use straw. It’s perfectly fine to drink with but I’m not quite sure it’s that viable for the turtles. 3.5/5






Steel Straws

Fatima: I have never had an opportunity to drink from a metal straw so I’m just going to have reserve my opinion until I do. No rating

Shaazia: I don’t really mind a steel straw. It’s comfortable to drink with (except that you can’t bend it). But it feels like additional cutlery and it looks cool. I’m just weirded out by the thought of whether or not the straws are clean. 4/5

Sip Conscious Straws, An Environmentally Conscious Alternative To Plastic Straws

Glass Straws

Fatima: I’m not sure I would want to drink from one of these but since I haven’t I will just have to wait and see what the experience is like. No rating

Shaazia: Somehow glass straws make me feel like I’m in a Grade 9 science class, but at least it’s see-through so cleanliness is guaranteed. I don’t mind drinking from them but I’m mortally afraid of cutting my tongue. 3/5







Paper Straws

Fatima: I know there are a lot of people who are not fans of the paper straw – the self-appointed main alternative to the plastic straw but I really don’t mind it. I’ve mastered the technique of not allowing the straw to get mushy by the time I’ve finished my drink. The texture is weird but it’s not the worst straw. 3/5

Shaazia: What have we done to deserve paper straws? The straw actually disintegrates while you’re using it so you have to use at least five straws to finish your drink, which seems wasteful. Besides, plastic straws can turn the taste of iced caramel macchiatos into actual cardboard. 0.5/5

Macaroni Straws

Fatima: I had the ‘honour’ of using my first macaroni recently. After getting over the initial weirdness, I still wasn’t a fan. The doughy texture of the macaroni is just too much to get over. Although as Shaazia pointed out you can put it in water and eat afterwards if you’re hungry. I guess that’s a win. 2/5

Shaazia: It’s an innovative idea, the straw is literally edible which means it generates no waste. But it’s odd. The straw is easily breakable, and it would not work for warmer drinks unless you want to end up with an actual noodle. The aftertaste sealed the deal though, I’m not a fan. 2.5/5






Featured image via Public Domain, all other images by Shaazia Ebrahim and Fatima Moosa


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