This is not a joke. Donald Trump is on his way to the White House

    Donald Trump is going to be the next American president. By 8am GMT, he was leading the electoral vote by 276 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 218. The winning candidate needed 270 votes to win the election.

    In his victory address at a rally in New York, he thanked his opponent, Hillary Clinton for a hard-fought battle, as well as his family and campaign for their support. He promised all the usual things: to rebuild infrastructure, double America’s growth and to put America first – while being fair to other nations and countries. “We will get along with other nations willing to get along with us,” he said.

    The gold price soared and US dollar plunged as markets reacted to the political uncertainty ahead for the US.

    On social media, there was plenty of surprise, shock and outrage.

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    Featured image via Flickr