Black Twitter trolled the EFF with #EFFFacts and it’s excellent


Black Twitter went after the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) with #EFFFacts – exaggerating the role the party has played in South African and even global history. Things escalated after a dispute on who started #FeesMustFall.

We’ve got the tea.

National spokesperson of the EFF Student Command, Naledi Chirwa tweeted that fallism was initiated by the party when it called for the Louis Botha statue at the Union Buildings to fall in Parliament.

Chirwa didn’t stop there. She tweeted that the EFF played a major role in the wave of student activism that called for decolonisation. She said the party gave student activists in institutions like Wits, UCT, Rhodes and UP confidence. Chirwa said that it is no coincidence that institutions transitioned from silent demonstrations to shutdowns the year the EFF got into parliament.

Fallists were having none of it.

UCT fallists called Chirwa out, saying FMF originated from Rhodes Must Fall which began in March 2015 and that she cannot impose her own ideas of what inspired fallists.

Of course, many smaller universities had been shutting down for years anyway.

Seeing the error in her tweets, Chirwa apologised.

But Black Twitter couldn’t let it go. To our utter amusement, folks stayed extra and brought out all the spice exaggerating the role the party has played in history.

Did you know, the EFF existed even before 1652?

Let no one deny the EFF’s struggle credentials.

Or the way they saved Tata’s life.

But the EFF have not only been doing their good work in our country; their work extends to the Cold War and even influenced former US President Barack Obama himself.

If you thought folk could not get more extra, they even invoked the Divine.

Don’t get us wrong, the origins of #FeesMustFall and fallism is an important conversation – but we’ll leave it for another day.

We have to admit, we live for Black Twitter.

Featured image via EFFSC Wits on Facebook


  1. comrades like you I applaud EEF victories which benefit people but they are few plus it is more important that EEF conceive some revenue plus job generating goals which are feasible plus may immediately be pursued. It is great for EEF to generate unity plus loyalty it possess but as people of South Africa especially those of little income have found in this post Apartheid era is that unity plus loyalty do not feed hungry or upgrade their living conditions. However, South Africa is of position that if it modify its infrastructure delivering electricity, water, sewage management plus other conditions relevant to production plus delivery of goods plus services “sky is limit” in its economical development but, it need soon act. Modification of infrastructure of urban areas will produce jobs by building modern low income homes where shanty towns now exist. This is direction EEF need aggressively move if it is serious about assisting in upgrading living conditions in South Africa. In short there not only need be a greater sharing of existing wealth in South Africa there also need be a generating of more wealth so that all of Buntu South Africa is included in a Live Well South African community. Anything less from EEF will be viewed under a condition of “don’t make me laugh”. We will know your leaders are full of drama plus constantly putting on drama show that will not lead to much needed plus deserved upgrade in living conditions. Now do right thing or be oversized Drama Kids for life. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.


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