WATCH: Daily Vox hangout with UCT vice chancellor Max Price



The #RhodesMustFall protests at the University of Cape Town (UCT) have entered their third week, and students continue to occupy the Bremner building, which they have dubbed the Azania building. What initially began as a call for removing colonial symbols, has now put broader issues of transformation at the university on centre stage.

On Thursday 26 March at 2.45pm, The Daily Vox managing editor Faranaaz Parker will chat with UCT vice chancellor Max Price on a Google hangout about institutional racism, transformation, and the statue that started it all.

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Don’t forget to check back in at 2.45pm on Thursday to watch the live video hangout. If you’d like to join the conversation on Twitter, the hashtag is #VoxTalk.


  1. I recently sent and posted the following message on the UCT SRC’s facebook page and not surprising it was ignored.

    Tell me something council , how is it that that student who threw shit on the statue is not being reprimanded for his actions…in no way possible is that legal or moral. I find it utterly disgusting that you, the student council affiliates yourself with that. Your job is supposed to be towards the wellbeing of all students and by allowing that shit throwing student on campus premise is compriomising that duty. I believe he should be arrested


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