Date My Family’s Bachelor’s Bad Attitude – And THOSE Toes

South Africa’s number one dating show Date My Family has been dishing up gems. The latest episode was promising until the featured bachelor, Luhle Khanyile’s true colours showed. Twitter was abuzz with expressions of shock over what they deemed as inappropriate behavior and lack of manners from the bachelor’s side. But this was until they saw something more shocking than his behaviour – someone’s toes.

Twitter was shocked by the bachelor’s condescending nature and his selection of words when conversing with an elder of one of his potential dates. Khanyile, as curious as he appeared to be, most people felt that he was a control freak who lacked basic respect.

Tweeps had considered this episode to be the most boring one and a total waste of their time, until the camera operator lit up the mood by zooming in on a woman’s toes. This turned up the whole mood.

While the audience was still recovering from the shock of Khanyile’s manners, the lady’s toes became the focus of the hashtag. Others were fascinated while by her toenails but others expressed disappointment.

After all the moments of shock and sadness, the camera operator, who might be a “Twitter secret agent”, made everyone’s evening.

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Featured image via Twitter