#DefeatDayZero: Twitter has questions that Maimane didn’t answer

Defeat Day Zero is not the name of a really bad post apocalyptic superhero flick, it’s the Democratic Alliance (DA) social media campaign to rescue Cape Town from impending disaster (or to save face after failing to properly communicate just how bad the situation was). The Daily Vox rounds up Twitter reactions to the campaign. 

On Wednesday, DA leader Mmusi Maimane addressed a gathering in Athlone about the party’s plans to combat the impending water deficit.

There are currently about 80 days till 12 April – or Day Zero – where the city will shut off residential taps and Capetonians will have to queue at one of the 200 guarded checkpoints around the city for their daily water rationings.

Yep, it’s that serious and Twitter wasn’t buying Mmusi Maimane’s address or the #DefeatDayZero social media campaign.

The whole thing is bizarre, because despite the whole hashtag, website and supposed plan to #DefeatDayZero we all know the City of Cape Town is in deep shit.

The setup of the address looked quite like a TedX talk – with Mmusi Maimane as a motivational speaker trying to convince the gathering to buy into #DefeatDayZero.

Maimane seemed as if he was about to spit Eminem’s most motivational track Lose Yourself.

He sweated profusely belying his nerves because nobody is fooled, defeating Day Zero is an impossible feat.

But people were very confused about why DA leader Maimane was addressing the crowd when the problem is supposedly with the municipal management.

People were confused about why Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille wasn’t addressing the gathering.

Surely dealing with the Cape Town Water Crisis is not in Maimane’s jurisdiction?

Even in the plan for how the party (and puzzlingly not the city?) is dealing with the crisis, there are so many faces involved that shouldn’t be.

Throughout Maimane’s address, there were members from the audience applauding. Folk questioned whether this was a pep rally?

Were they paid clappers? What exactly were they applauding?

Also, it’s a little late for the city (party?) to come up with a whole social media campaign to defeat the water shortage when it’s mere days away from Day Zero.

Maimane inevitably played the blame game. Part of the plan is to #DefeatDayZero is to legally hold national government to account. It is not, however, to pursue desalination because that’s too expensive.


Obviously, the trolling never stops. A Twitter user continued the #MarkFishChallenge by posting a picture of Mark Fish with DJ Sbu captioned: “Mark Fish and Mmusi Maimane” to troll Fish for Fish posting picture of himself with Sipho “Hotstix” Mabuse on Tuesday claiming it was the late Hugh Masekela.

The plan is that there is no plan really.

Featured image via Defeat Day Zero.