Dr Makhosi Khoza is done with the ANC’s top women


Dr Makhosi Khoza had nothing good to say about the women at the top of the ANC when she spoke to Radio 702 host Eusebius McKaiser on Friday morning.

Khoza said she felt betrayed by some of the women in the party and that women like Bathabile Dlamini were betraying women’s emancipation by remaining in the ANC. “Women like Bathabile would even go to an extent of not appreciating women who are revolutionary intellectuals, like myself, but they would rather side with patriarchy. To me, it is very tragic and it betrays what Lilian Ngoyi, Charlotte Maxeke, and all outstanding feminists of our movement who founded the ANC Women’s League,” she said.

And she didn’t stop there. The former ANC MP quit dramatically on Thursday afternoon, saying the ANC she loved no longer existed, that it was corrupt and unable to self-correct.

After Khoza quit, human settlements minister and ANC presidential candidate Lindiwe Sisulu said she wished Khoza hadn’t resigned and that she felt guilty for not having offered Khoza support and comfort. But Khoza said it was too late for these sentiments as Sisulu hadn’t shown any concern about her safety when she was receiving death threats after speaking out against President Jacob Zuma.

Khoza told McKaiser she was also saddened that presidential candidate, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma was aligning herself with people with questionable morals. She said Dlamini-Zuma shouldn’t run for president. “She will be over 70 by 2019 and I don’t think that is fair she should be campaigning for younger women,” she said.

Listen to the full 702 interview here.

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  1. comrades if corruption exist to extent it is proclaimed to exist in government of South Africa carried out by members of ANC it is asinine to attempt to defend their actions however, our focus should be at ending corruption especially extreme corruption. Where excess 50% of Buntu people are reported as living below poverty line corruption is unacceptable especially under a government which is primarily Buntu. In short it is Buntu duty including those of ANC to protect Buntu plus all South Africans future from politicians who do not act in people of South Africa best interest. Corruption is not ever in citizens best interest. It is as have been demonstrated in South Africa impossible to amend for economic ills of Apartheid where government possess epidemic degree of corruption. It also is unacceptable especially when you consider those stolen funds should be directed at upgrading living conditions for non rich. Programs which should upgrade their living conditions plus give them upward mobility by providing for academic or/plus vocation education which is immediately useful. In addition, those programs should also give a frugal humane living while non rich citizens obtain academic or/plus vocation education required to obtain meaningful work which will provide a modern Live Well lifestyle. Corruption w is a destroyer whether it is committed under Apartheid by racists or committed by members of ANC who will not act in Buntu they represent best interest. Where Buntu politicians fail to act in Buntu people best interest they render those Buntu expendable. Where innocent willing to comply with society modern living obligations Buntu are expendable all Buntu are expendable. Gangster disposition which appear to be prevalent in Buntu South Africa at this time appear to be as most gangster dispositions which is misguided plus need be bought under control before it do irreparable damage. As for women of ANC their weakness at last is trying to come forth but we will as we should stop it before it go to far being we are on doorstep of South African Buntu women African plus world greatness. Please do not breakdown now? Hold on by directing your effort plus strength at what is feasible plus contribute to upgrading living conditions in South Africa. Acts such as determining what kind plus how much of a particular personnel is needed to fulfill designated goals relevant to upgrade in living conditions. These should be actions which get you all pass this tiring condition caused by electing officials which were not fit for positions to which they were elected. To be honest if we go back to Nelson he was unfit to be president of South Africa. Prison had not groomed him for work needed to be done plus when he saw what that need was he could not find withal to fulfill that need though suitable methods to do so were in front of him. Thereafter including unto this day Buntu of South Africa have continued to elect officials who are not fit to lead in capacity position they hold require. End result have been incompetent performance with each Buntu reportedly having focused at enriching himself plus becoming member to rich group which economically oppress non rich especially Buntu. In fact that Buntu group is increasingly assigned by rich group duty of so to speak keeping non rich Buntu in line plus leading them in a manner which assure rich will continue to gain profits so massive they have to devise conditions to disguise their gains. Those disguises include out sourcing work at huge cost plus having needless plus costly studies performed by associates on their business disposition. In hundreds of years of South Africa’s existence only one leader have set forth intention plus methods by which to upgrade living conditions plus provide for upward mobility of non rich plus Buntu workers. Although that plan may not have all we may conceive it should have it is a feasible plus wary plan that should not be ignored. I whole heartedly dispute Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma age charge with it took this long to find a person in South Africa who possessed wariness, ability, courage plus experience to without shame take on seemingly hopeless task from a position of showing she will not lose. In taking on plus successfully managing upgrade in living conditions for non rich especially Buntu South Africans Dr. Dlamini Zuma will have with entire nation of South Africa plus world as witness demonstrated what a Buntu plus world leader should be thus, given a needed plus immeasurable boost to Buntu African led nations taking responsibility for themselves. Where we find Buntu leaders who may perform in such manner age do not matter we should immediately embrace them plus learn from them being dynamics of lessons that teach are often immeasurable. Buntu open your minds you will see light is before you in form of Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma. Very much sincere, Henry Price Jr. aka Obediah Buntu IL-Khan aka Kankan aka Gue.


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