EFF leader Julius Malema’s speech at the State of the Nation debate [full text and video]


Thank you very much Speaker for the opportunity to address Parliament and the people of South Africa:

We acknowledge and greet the millions of South African workers, the poor, and downtrodden and dejected masses of our people particularly, the one million plus South Africans who voted for EFF to come to this parliament and represent the agenda of economic freedom in our life time without any fear of contradiction.

Our people mandated this movement (the EFF) to come and speak on behalf of the homeless, the landless, domestic workers, security guards, farm workers, cleaners, waiters and waitresses, recipients of social grants, construction workers, the unemployed and poverty stricken masses of our people who are forgotten by the ruling elite which are in bed with the oppressors and the imperialist forces.

I thought it was going to be difficult for me to carry this mandate with commitment against the party which taught me everything I know today about politics, but this was made easy by seeing Mr Martinus Van Schalvyk on the benches of the ruling party. I then quickly remembered that by the way we are not opposing the ANC we joined then, the ANC of Lawrence Phokanoke but the ANC of Martinus Van Schalvyk and Jacob Zuma. Mr President when you spoke yesterday you reaffirmed this believe that indeed we have chosen the correctpath because you no longer represent the hope of the hopeless masses of our people.

“Your speech yesterday was uninspiring”
Your speech yesterday was uninspiring and lacked the central theme Mr President. No one will remember what you said last night except that we should clean on Mandela Day which was the only emphasis you made and maybe because you thought it was the simplest subject you had to deal with in the whole speech last night. What was supposed to be the simplest subject for you has proven to be more complex than you thought Mr President, because your cleaning instruction goes against the wishes of President Mandela who said it must be left to individual’s choice on how they wish to remember him or celebrate his life. I’m sorry MrPresident I won’t be cleaning on Mandela Day, but I will be involved in more productive activities which will live long lasting legacy in remembrance of our world icon Madiba.

Mr President you tried to speak about radical socio-economic changes in your speech last night but nothing you said was radical; instead we heard a repetition of what has been said before. I know very well that your attempt to make radical economic changes your central theme in your speech last night was a direct response to the existence of EFF or even an attempt to delegitimize it but you successfully failed in the same way you failed when you introduced the red beret to counter that of EFF during elections campaign. You and your party should stop playing with semantics especially when it relates to radical economic agenda because you lack courage and you have sold out the revolution. You don’t have what it takes to lead the struggle for economic emancipation of the black majority particularly Africans. You are extremely scared of white people, particularly white monopoly capital. You have in the past 20 years defended the privileges of white minority and continued with the exploitation and exclusion of the oppressed black majority.

The reason for such is because the elite pact that was forced upon the people in 1994 does not allow for radical economic transformation and changes. The pact defends the colonial and apartheid ownership patterns of the means of production including property. The ANC is part of an elite pact that seeks to protect white monopoly capital, and white minority privileges and this has led to the formation of the EFF because there was a political vacuum and nature does not allow the vacuum. The EFF is here to lead the struggle to dismantle the elite pact and introduce the sunrise clauses.

This pact has made you to even accept wrong things such as the laws that run this Parliament for the past 20 years, for example the 1975 Act that makes it compulsory for Members of Parliament to join a certain medical aid scheme and it only took EFF less than hundred days in Parliament to expose the unconstitutionality of such a law.

“Louis Botha is not our hero”
This elite pact is reflected by the fact that the most prominent statue in this Parliament, is a statue of Louis Botha, and the one of Nelson Mandela is very small and is hidden behind the statue of Louis Botha. Louis Botha is not our hero and cannot be a hero of a democratic South Africa. He is a colonial warmonger, who fought for the exclusion of black and indigenous people from running their own country and affairs. Its people like this who made white South Africans think they are superior and if we continue celebrating them, we are equally perpetuating white supremacy. The statue of Botha outside this Parliament must go down, because it represents nothing of what a democratic South Africa stands for.

That statue represents backwardness and apartheid and therefore it belongs to the dustbin of history and to be replaced with a bigger statue of seaparankwe Rolihlahla Nelson Mandela. We will never have true friendship and peace if white minority still behaves like they are superior and we should remain inferior in our country. All black people continue to learn the languages of white minorities as part of our attempt to reach out to them and create friendship but with very little attempt from their side to at least learn one of our African languages because they have a wrong mentality that we must suck up to them.

These are some of the legacies people like Louis Botha have left us and it must be crushed,we must not celebrate anything that perpetuates white supremacy. As part of nation building maybe we need to harsh steps by not celebrating any white person who doesn’t at least know or make an effort to at least know one of our African languages because by not knowing our languages or our culture they are effectively perpetuating the stereotypes of white supremacy. If you have a white friend as black person and he/she doesn’t know your language or not taking initiative to learn your language that person is no friend at all.

We need to undermine the legacy of apartheid through celebration of our blackness and unashamedly advance political, social and economical liberation of blacks in general and Africans in particular. We must do away with self hate treat and embrace who we are andwhat we stand for. The time for black majority to benefit from the natural, mineral and the beauty of their country is now and can never be postponed.

That is where we start, and now we should deal with the politics of what you said here yesterday and have been saying since you arrived here 20 years ago.

“You have repeatedly failed to create jobs”
You promised jobs before and you have repeatedly failed to create jobs. In your first address to this house as President, you promised to create 500 000 jobs in six months and you failed, and no one held you accountable.

Our people are being called upon to celebrate 20 years of freedom, and we really do not know what they should celebrate, because the past 20 years has been 20 years of suffering for the poorest of the poor.

It has been 20 years of joblessness and unemployment for majority of our people, in particular the youth.

35% of South Africans capable of working are unemployed and majority of those who are employed are paid very low salaries.

“This is your legacy; you have more than doubled unemployment!”
Mr. President, whatever you have said about jobs has been as false and inconsistent as the performance of your party for the past twenty years. However you look at it, in 1995 unemployment was 15% and now, at this moment, it is at 25%, or 36% with an expanded definition. Seventy percent of this demographic are the youth. This is your legacy; you have more than doubled unemployment!

More than half of the working people earn R3300 or less. A third of all workers are now employed through Labour Brokers. And might I remind you, 2014 is a year in which you said you would have halved  unemployment back in 2009.

You also promised to distribute 30% of the Land in this very year:

You promised to half poverty by 2014.

You promised to provide security of tenure to 400 000 households who live in informal settlements.

You keep making the same promises and misleading this house and honorable members clap hands. They encourage this mediocrity, lack of leadership, lying to the Nation and the poor.

“A tradition of empty promises”
You are a man of tradition; a tradition of empty promises. Now knowing you will not be there in 2030, please say nothing about it.

The President said a minimum wage shall be investigated.  There is no need to investigate; this house must show leadership and courage.  The workers have already shown the way.

Marikana: for five months now, workers in the platinum belt have been on strike, which demonstrates their genuine determination. They are looking for R12, 500 when the ANC Government massacred 34 of them two years ago for it.  In honour of those who died inMarikana, let this house legislate for R12 500 but also as sign of showing that we regret theMarikana massacre.We also demand the establishment of Parliamentary Commission on the Conditions and Remuneration of Mineworkers including the auditing of the financial books of all the mines by the state to ascertain ourselves on how much is the mining sector making in this country because we don’t trust the current financial discloser by the mining sector.

Mr. President You have spoken about “radical socio-economic changes” and if indeed you meant what you said then you will agree with me that there’s nothing radical about preserving the current exploitative economic structure.  Otherwise what has been suggested here is mere old wine in new bottles.  We are back to GEAR by another name, which Blade Nzimandecalled the “1996 class project” and “the most serious strategic threat to the NDR”, in his factional battles with former president Thabo Mbeki.

“What is radical about EPWP?”
Mr. President you clearly don’t know what radical economic transformation means. What is radical about EPWP? What is radical about buying stolen land? Maybe we must give you few tips on what is radical economic transformation.

•Number one:  You must be prepared to expropriate the land of our people, which was forcefully stolen, from them. You can no longer make an excuse of two-thirds majority because we can give it to you now. And I put it to you, if so, you will not have to wait for 2030 to create a million jobs in agriculture; this can be done in five years.

•Number two: Radical economic transformation means that we must nationalize the mines and the actual mining activities in order to locally beneficiate and industrialize our mineral resources. You cannot say this is impossible, because justlast year you amended the MPRDA to enable you to take 20% of all the new petroleum companies.

•Number three: Radical economic transformation means protected industrial development and expansion, not just the protection of rubber, shoes and leather jackets. We need to pursue import substitution industrialization. We must pursue planned and decentralized urbanization and not celebrate what you call rapid urbanization which in actual fact is rural depopulation due to lack of a coherent rural development plan.

•Number four:  Radical economic transformation means you must provide freequality education for all until the attainment of the first degree.  This means you must expand post secondary educational and training, and not the super glorified high schools that you are going to build in Mpumalanga and Nothern Cape which can only take 350 people a year combined when only last year 700 000 matriculantssat for their senior certificate examinations. In the mean time Mr President send 10 000 students to the best Universities in the world through free scholarship. All successful countries sent students to all parts of the world, and that is what SouthAfrica should do. By the way, it’s a shame that twenty years later you come here to roll out a program on eradication of mud schools.

“You are failing basic things”
You were on paraffin speed building stadiums for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, but you are failing to build schools, and you are failing basic things such as toilets. Our people still do not have basic things such as toilets.

•Number five: Radical economic transformation means we must play a leading role in the development of the African economy. Not the 33.2 billion-trade exchange that you claim happened last year, when in actual fact it was trade between multinational cooperations.

•Number six: Radical economic transformation means that the government must have capacity to perform its own function and not rely only on the private sector. This means we must have a state construction company that has got massive capacity to build bridges, houses and roads.

•Number seven: radical economic transformation means that we must have corrupt free government. And this means no one must take government money and build his own house, and say “I know nothing about it”. We must fight institutionalisedcorruption and defeat cleptocrasy

That is what we call radical economic transformation, which will lead to economic freedom in our lifetime. This is the radical economic transformation, which your own members spoke about, in your third National General Council in 2010 when they said there was greater consensus on the nationalization of mines and other strategic sectors of the economy.

You failed to do that because you are driven and paralyzed by fear. The fear of white monopoly capital and white minorities which both you and the DA worship.

The DA and the ANC agree
Both the DA and the ANC agree on the capitalist National   Development Plan. The DA and the ANC agree on Labour Brokers. The DA and the ANC agree that workers wages must be kept low, because they believe that such is the only way to attract investors. The DA and the ANC agree that mines must remain in the hands of multinational cooperations. The ANC and the DA both provide open toilets for our people. The DA and the ANC agree that Land should continue to be owned by few white people who illegally got it through colonial dispossession.

If the ANC disputes that it does not agree with the DA on Land reform, here is the Two Thirds Majority required to change the Constitution, particularly the property Clause.

Let us change the Constitution to empower the State to expropriate land for equal redistribution without paying for it because this land, our land was stolen.

When all is said and done, we carry a collective obligation to reverse colonial dispossession, and this should be thoroughly understood within a proper theoretical and ideological understanding.

Mr. President we are here in this parliament to put firmly on the table the agenda for economic freedom in our life time, which you and your current deputy president thought you successfully suppressed when you dealt with some of us. Mr President the message from our people is very clear, you can’t stop the idea who’s time has come, you can arrest us or even kill us but you will never kill or arrest our ideas.

Lastly and on a personal note, this can only be translated to you by the only reliable minister you have your cabinet Dr Aron Motswaledi , le ge o ka itima metse o tla bona e nwele.

Thank you very much.


    • The problem with forced restitution for past wrongs is that it creates new wrongs. More importantly is that it will also destroy security of ownership, which will destroy the incentive to build capital stock. As long as the idea persists in this world that it is proper for one man to confiscate the produce of another man by force or threat of force, that brighter future will be but a silly daydream.

  1. How can a man found guilty of tax evadion( fraud) call his party Economic Freedom Figters. That laughable . Only the blind and fools will take this man serious. EFF rightfully stands for” Every Fool Follows”

    • That means everyone major ANC workers are on the same tax scandal, if not they should have captured him while he is still working not when he is expelled and they need a pillar to stand against him

  2. This speech has such deep elements of fascism it’s scary. Mr Malema puts all the blame on a minority group while claiming to be the saviour of a majority group. Sound familiar? Adolf Hitler did the excat same thing and look at where it lead the world too.

    • Ei boet u cnt run away frm all blatant fact that are raised by Mr Malema if u knw better whta your best idea

  3. Sounds good on paper! One can only wonder hw much he rly means ds. Das he hv an underlying agenda? My opinion of him has slightly changed thou…..

  4. Great speech. Just wish all the above can come true. If you ask me Julius is a much better leader than Zuma. I’ll support you Juju, eventhough I’m white. And yes I’m taking xhosa-lessons

  5. And here i thought Juju was useless, you definely change my mind after this speech – nice one #thumbsUp u pure entertainment baba… #juju-bby

  6. I agree the speech on paper sounds good and yes he raised focal points about government and negligence, and I also agree that the minority think they are superior and still capital belongs to them. Capitalism is good for the economy but I believe that nationalism of mines would benefit the country as it woyuld totally eliminate the exploitation of our resouces and citizens of the S.A. government contractors or construction would also enable job great and security…

    Than spending billions of rands on contractors from outside

    He raised the point of buying land.. A agree with him and the strategy is not working in fact making whites rich, and yes there is no system of tracing what land belonged to who but we have to find a way.

    Everyone is looking for them self’s that’s y our president Owns a 200 million estate cos thee investment for him…

    Juju you fighting for the right reasons and I hope that your words are true and not mith

  7. This guy is just bladdy racist!!what happened to rainbow nation?what did Nelson Mandela and All those millions of people fight and die for? Equality? How can we be a rainbow nation if all we want to do is kill or run out everyone who is not black or “native” to our land? What happens to the “Born frees” what are we teaching our children that black is right and white is wrong? Some people just have no sense! We are are just showing the world that we are brainless Blacks who can not live with other people,we are showing them that we will fuck everything up that’s not Black owned or we will just be savage and take what we feel is ours!Apartheid is over! It is gone,why is juju trying to reverse it? SA will defenitly be an island on its own if juju rules! We will loose everything our fore fathers have fought for…by the way “our” People were NOT the only ones who lived in Apartheid,coloureds,indians,and some whites who stood by us were also punished so why do we call it “the black struggle!” We were NOT alone!time for everybody to wake up!our president might be greedy or whatever but he is far better than juju!could someone just bump this guy off a bridge!I’ve had enough and its really sad that our people will agree with him! GOD be with us all,black,white,indian,coloured,chinesse… #deathbyjuju

    • I agree with you apartheid is over and all none White struggled and even the Whites that was not willing to support the oppresses

    • Rainbow my foot. Mandela and the scores of our people who died to ensure our freedom did not wage a war for a farcical rainbow nation – Political freedom is nothing without economic freedom. The right to own land is nothing without the meaning to buy back a piece of land that was stolen from you by the gun. Let the man (Mandela) rest please.

    • Rainbow my foot. Mandela and the scores of our people who died to ensure our freedom did not wage a war for a farcical rainbow nation – Political freedom is nothing without economic freedom. The right to own land is nothing without the means to buy back a piece of land that was stolen from you by the gun. Let the man (Mandela) rest please.

    • Dear Brainless friend
      I am very glad to get this juncture to tell you how stupid you are.
      These are the words that exposed the lack of thinking from you.
      EQUITY: Minority white people are still owning the vast land and economy of this country and you proudly say that’s what Mandela fought.
      And you also mention that there were some few whites, Indians and coloureds who fought for apartheid, tell me, where are they now when we as BLACKS fight for what rightfully belongs to us?

  8. He might been bad when he got too angry “hot” but we should not just wait till he say wrong things then we can comment bcoz you neva liked him at first, I think he got a point when he talks about the statue of our icon being smaller than that of Botha

    • I don’t agree with you because they spending so much money on trying to fix What the Whites did instead of creating jobs and build houses stop thinking in colour thing what Will be left of this country When ur kids live on this earth

  9. I am a born free & have probably no right to talk about the struggle but unfortunately I will & yal reading can’t do shit about it.. I personally think Julius is racist his a black version of Hitler. He knows exactly what to say. Jacob Zuma isn’t the best president but he’ll always be a better man than Julius reason being he understands that race is just a mere thing whether you black, white, Indian etc you are all created by Aba Father who at in Heaven, we are all one in Christ.How many of you were fighting along side, your foreforefathers? They resting in peace they’ve been judged stop making the same remarks, same mistakes & understand that Blacks & Whites do get married meaning they can live together can get along. Stop embarrassing our country & realize English is the main, language of the world learning our own home language s puts us in a disadvantage when traveling the world I assure you no American know s swati nor shangaan wake up &stop being mislead & filled with unconditional anger over the past it’s over stop trying to recreate it I pray 4 the nation in hopes that God gives Our leaders guides & keeps them close so he can help them always decide on what’s right & not let pressure force them into driving Our nation to the ground like Morgan did with Zimbabwe

  10. What I liked most from juju’s speech is the statue thing. And what I want to know is what happens to the owners of the farms if the so called “land” is to be taken away from them ? All that will just create another gap and drift people further apart. So maybe nationalizing the mines might be a good idea. But as for the rest its just like chasing a ghost. What’s done is done and people should look for ways of going foward instead of going backwards trying to undo things that even our great grandfathers couldn’t do.

    • Right, Youri, so Blacks must continue to suck up to the White minority to avoid “another gap and drifting people further apart”? Blacks are not God; they’ve forgiven, it’s enough. They want what rightfully belongs to them. If any further forgiving and reconciliation is to be done, let God help with that.

  11. I would vote for juju, if just to get rid of the anc, that’s why the anc is scared of him, people will vote for him rather than them, both are black and both try to cater to the largest group of voters, the poor. Will either do anything for them probably not, but at least ANC won’t be in power.

  12. Mr Julius M is so right. I am an African American working in this country and hold a very big position, get well paid, but I don’t like the way some whites SA treat fellow brother Africans. Talking of rainbow nation, it’s just in colors but don’t really see it in SA, few blacks will date whites or Indians and be well accepted in their partners families, there still a lot of discrimination, racial segregation, in this country. Looking at statistics in SA prisons, you’ll understand the lack of fair justice in this country, blacks SA are held prisoners in their own land, so sad, economic inequality between blacks and whites…this isn’t a rainbow nation as you folks may be talking out there johmngad@yahoo.co.uk

    • Johmaish, please note that very few Black South Africans hold the same views as those of “OMG”, the born-free responding to your post below. OMG indeed! Aluta continua!

  13. MR African American…this is not a black only land! Africa started off with koi san and bushman and blacks not only black.we as black people should stop holding on to the past! You can not and will never change what was done in the past.and most prisioners are black because they do not move forward they are always doing what is not right but also there are manny coloured prisoners and whites aswell as indian.crime does not pick a colour it is our black men who feel they are above the law because of “apartheid” stop it stop it stop it south africa!! The statue is there to remind all south africans of how far we have come or rather should have been.our black people need eductation!this is just disgusting that people actually agree to what this fool says.EFF Excusively For Fools! Juluis did raise some good points that our president should take to heart but the minute he runts and raves about taking our land and. Whites are like this and that he just pisses me off.why are u so threatened by the white minority? Are we blacks not the majority? Do we not benefit more than anybody else in this country? Are our privillages not more than any other race in our country.I don’t stand up for the AWB boere party but there are white people who are not racist,white people who are married to blacks and have children with them,whites who empower blacks,whites who show compassion for blacks, ther are white couples who adopt black hiv/aid kids something no black south african will do because they are uneducated as juju and misinformed aboput many things.people my black people! Open your eyes please before. It is too late.leave this race issue,we are no better then the apartheid system if we follow and agree to these hateful words and actions of julius.prove to the world that Nelson mandela (who has a gaint statue in sandton city) was not fighting for reverse apartheid.he belived that we black people do not thrive on hate and opression.how much better are we black people if we think and do what other dead white people have done to us..the only reason juju is so against ANC is because no1 stood by him when he was caught for fraud and tax evasion. A man who once would give his life for ANC now sings a different tune! What loyalty juju,what loyalty.as you have turned your back on a party who has given all you have today what will you do to the people who vote for you.just makes one wonder.

    • You just rubbishing here! What’s wrong with affirming your indigenuity? What’s so wrong with seeking economic freedom, what’s wrong with claiming what you know belongs to your elders by virtue of you being the surviving beneficiary you pursue claims!

  14. Indeed de speech of Mr M was spot on… To be honest we blacks particularly South africans,we have dat mentality of settling for less and we afraid of de truth. I strongly agree with johmaish… Its a raindow nation only in words bt not on de ground. Alot has to be done.

    • Nobody can be blamed if we have that type of mentality. If we really want to move forward, we should change that mentality!

      The people in this country is what makes it a rainbow nation. The governemt does not make it a rainbow nation, we do.

  15. Why do we have a president that has charges of Rape against him. Why was he not imprisonned for these charges?

    Why can the government spend millions on building statues and changing the names of roads and cities, but they can’t build a school for the kids that learn under a tree everyday.

    The government says, “Free education”. So fine, there is free education, but no school for children to be educated in. And if there is on, its 10Km away.

    The government says they spent R20 million on providing housing for poor people in the past you. Fine, but our President spent R200 million on UPGRADES to his personal home.

    Why do the kids of MP’s attend private schools, yet kids of TEACHERS can bearly afford proper stationary.

    Yes, 70% of people now have running water, but is the water safe to drink?

    Why does it take years to investigate a charge of fraud on a MP, but a month to investigate the same charge on a normal citizen.

    WHY is does our country have Trillions of Rands in debt? Where does all that money go to?

    Why are MP’s one of the highest paid occupations, when the very people who voted them in do not even have a house?

    Why do MP’s live in high-security suburbs, when the very people that voted for them live on the streets?

    Why are the minerals that come from OUR land being sold to developed countries? And then being bought back (as manufactured goods) for 10 times the price?

    Why do we not enjoy the riches of OUR land.

    Why do we even have to tick a box that says, “Black; White; Coloured; Indian; Other” -when we fill in forms- if our country is such a “Democracy”.

    We should stop focusing on the colour of someones skin (discrimination BTW) and start to focus on moving forward as SOUTH AFRICANS!

    WHY do we as citizens of this country accept all the lies that our government tells us? WHY are we so blinded by actions of the past, that we do not see how the same things are still happening?

    Do not be blinded by how things look on the surface, instead, read between the lines. The government knows how to say things.

    The government does not want to educate its people, because once its people are educated, its people will see the lies!

  16. If we’re a rainbow nation, why aren’t we called by the colors of the rainbow? I haven’t seen a black color in a rainbow! Rainbow my foot! Black is black the difference is the classes of economic emancipation. My blood is red, that’s the only thing I think we share with other groups of people! Yes it’s true we’re all HB’s

  17. The speech was professional. I am impressed with honourable Malema. he will obviously get accustomed to using the non professional title when calling peoples names and to exclude the names of office bearers when mentioning damming incidents by parties. all of which are not notable offences.
    They will obviously nick pick on any little semantics to try to put him in the wrong as older as they are which is shameful.
    The speaker entertains frivolous time wasting question like “why you not making the speech in your mother tongue”, like really now are you serious?
    Well done honourable Malema so far so good.
    I was impressed with honourable Malemas gentle professional response.

  18. So what Julius is really reasoning in his mind … The millions of black people in this failing country will have much better lives if they take over by force the homes and livelyhood of the few whites who do have money.. Then they can rip out the copper and wiring in these homes and carry the roof tiles to their shacks and the entire country can look like one big happy shack and everybody overnight must learn to speak some black language and we all will unitedly be poor and hungry. What he forgets is that the few and very few whites who do own land and have money were born with it and inherited it and now are educated to maintain and manage there money… Distributing their wealth is but a tiny amount of money compared to the population of the black south african. Land distribution have proved also not empowerment of poor blacks… Go look at that distributed reformed land… Its a joke… White people according to his claim took some land over a hindred years ago by force.. In the meantime working farms generating income were created.. Hahaha.. The lend gets taken back,,, the farm gets destroyed and barren land once again lays deserted… Hey .. Now a poor black owns and piece of dessert… Well done… Makes sense! Congratulations!

    • If you have read the EFF manifesto you would have found this
      “The EFF Government will adopt a principle of “use it or lose it” on land use, where
      those who do not use the land, loose it to the custodianship of the State”

  19. Hate the man or love him this is a good speech good because it diverts away from typical african speeches where presidents are song praised even for pausing between words. It is more a tribute to the true democratic nature of rsa than of malema’s boldness.yes he has been tried for tax wrongs but just on the basis of this one speech ,just on the content of this speech, malema is sport on.i have always wanted to ask does malema as a word bear the same meaning as in ndebele where it roughly means fools?

  20. In theory this sound perfect but it will take more than just malema speach and ideas to achieve this. Parties such as the DA and ANC should come on board to realise this dream. Every idea deserve a chance, how will we know that if its going to work if it is not tried. I AM A MAN WRITING THIS COMMENT but the only thing that saddens me is that no women empowerment is mensioned in his speech or how women will be part of this radical economic empowerment. From a fan of equel rights Namibia.

  21. I agree there has to be radical changes but why take away already prosperous farms? Why not help people create new farms? Take back the land?how about all the kms and kms of unused land why not take that?rather than buying land back from farmers try using that to educate and set up new communities with their own farms. It is like lions fighting over one buck when there is a herd right there to choose from. Easy to want it when the hard work is all done rather than catch your own.and the mines?if they cant run the things they already own (eskom, sabc, saa)properly why do they think it is a good idea to take over the mines? They dont deserve it. Show us what you can do with what you have and then take over new things.

  22. Our brothers and sisters should try and cast the net wide when it comes to decisions of such nature. There is so much inequality in African today, unless you belong to certain class of society be it politics, business elite, ruling class etc then you’re left in the slums. There are no measures to protect citizens irrespective of race from the harsh reality of survival,but bringing radical reform to spin the wheels of equality is a skill I think Julius must polish up before pressing the enter button. He risks walking a path of failure despite his zeal in speaking for the poor. As africans, it`s time we realise that we can’t survive alone in this world. We need the world and the world needs us. Taking away without recourse is just a recipe for chaos.The same land will be sold back to the same people it`s being taken from. Go to Zimbabwe and see for yourselves. The solution is not forceful acquisitions but instead Baba Julius must come up with policies that enable the underprivileged to participate in the economic activities of the nation, irrespective of one`s colour or race. Doesn’t South Africa have poor white,Indian,Coloured people?. Check your traffic lights areas and ask yourself if those people shouldn`t be represented as well?.Should Julius take away their placards as well because of their colour?. Julius should learn from Madiba, unity is more important than drowning the country on account of who owns what. Perhaps one might ask, has all the land in SA been developed?, or perhaps its just a case of a kid crying for the other kid`s sweet, even when he has his own in the other hand but because he can’t unwrap it, he must take the other kid`s sweet. As africans, we must realize that this continent will never develop by our hands alone, we need the minds, skills and ideas of other people as well.What does Africa produce anyway even with all the abundant resources already in it`s control?. NOTHING!!!!!.We import from cloths,food, medicine, cars, etc. So taking land will suddenly make blacks productive?. Let equality take shape, but in cohesion with others, bearing in mind that our neighbours are human too. The more reason why South African must not miss the big picture. South Africa is what it is today because of everyone in it and as such everyone must be considered when making life changing decisions such as land reform. Just pose for a second and imagine if all these issues come to pass and the mines are taken, land grabbed etc. Will blacks alone manage them and effectively produce? Will giving a homeless man huge tracts of land make him productive with no skill set or experience? In the end can such individuals contribute to the economy?. It hasn’t worked in Zimbabwe and can it suddenly work in SA.Show me one mine Africa with blacks only.ZERO!!!! There are several non black professionals within Africa and SA in particular. But how do you incorporate them into the repossessed industry after you have taken their land?.ohh I get it you`ll give everything to the Chinese. But have you asked yourself what`s driving the chinese into Africa?.Before long you’ll be repossessing land and mines from the chinese as well. Trade carefully here guys otherwise you risk taking everything but still end up with nothing. Only in-take what the mouth can chew before you choke in the end. Everyone matters in the end, black or Nonblack. A good leader finds balance so that everyone benefits from the mix. I am black but I don’t agree with radicle backward Mugabe acts.Another solution pleaseeeeeee Julius!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. We are still regarded as inferior. We cant manage farms, thats what they say. We will run the economy down, they say. Tell me who the racist is then, is it Malema or the whites who think blacks cant manage their own country? To make it worse, they brainwashed blacks to believe they are inferior, thats why u find blacks saying the very same racist remarks that the pink people utter daily.

  24. Julius has cover most of my concer about political mission in ANC itself and other political parties including his party.What Julius said is not suprising because he knew that from the moment he was still in ANC but he never said anything before because he was working for Jacob Zuma and they both know that Julius Malema was always speaking for Jacob Zuma before he became president and when he is during first two years of his presidency.Now he(Julius) can tell the right from wrong because he saw how Zuma used him the previous time.Let’s not forget that Jacob Zuma and Julius Malema knows each others weak points and they know that they still wish they never knew their secrets will separate them like this.Now they are using parlament to finish their old private battle in a way that convince people who understand politics and those who don’t.Politics is a diciving game that encaurage peoples to go into it just for selfgain(financialy) and nothing more.(selfishness)


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