Elections Live Blog (08/05)

Welcome to The Daily Vox elections live blog. We’re bringing you live updates on what is happening on the ground in places like Alexandra and Marlboro in Johannesburg, as well as Durban.

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14:40 For some reason, President Ramaphosa has spent the afternoon calling people, including some of his famous friends…

14:40 ANC, EFF, and DA Party agents at the Nokuthula Special School in Alexandra have praised the voting process which has progressed smoothly, without incident. Each party agent is also certain that their party is going to win the election.

14:30 The cooperative governance and traditional affairs minister Dr Zweli Mkhize has issued a statement, basically begging the people of Vuwani, Limpopo, to vote. “We urge all stakeholders to continue working together to ensure that a lasting solution is found to address the demarcation challenges in Vuwani and surrounding areas. The INTER-MINISTERIAL COMMITTEE (IMC) will continue interacting and engaging on issues raised by stakeholders in Vuwani,” he said.

There were protests in Vuwani as late as Monday night, as residents continue to try and force the government to reincorporate the village into the Makhado municipality.

14:15 Read up on Fatima Moosa’s interview with a 33 year old voter, who says: “People in South Africa vote by emotion. You can’t blame them for it because everyday we go through things that remind us of the past.”

14:05 One can see the inclement weather creeping over Johannesburg, from The Daily Vox offices. At the moment, it could go either way.

By Sipho Hlongwane

13:30 Bad news for Gauteng, it would appear rainy weather is moving in..

13:06 Voting is going well, the government said. “Government welcomes the smooth start to the 2019 national and provincial elections. Millions of South Africans have already cast their vote, affirming that our democracy remains strong and vibrant. We are encouraged that apart from a few exceptions, voting stations around the country started on time, and issues are being addressed as they arise. The South African Police Service, supported by the South African National Defence Force and Metro Police Officers are deployed throughout the country. We commend them for their hard work and dedication,” a spokersperson said in a statement.

13:00 What do two 18 year old, first time voters think of the whole thing? Shaazia Ebrahim found out.

The voting queue outside a voting station in Kensington, Johannesburg. 08/05/2019. (By Fatima Moosa)

12:35 Former president Thabo Mbeki cast his vote in Killarney. No Soweto junket for him…

12:29 Almost 700 people have showed up to vote at the Marlboro voting station so far. The presiding officer says they are expecting thousands more. So far, the voting process has been swift and without incident.

12:17 Sinenhlanhla Hlongwa, 21, at DUT City Campus station says she is the first time voter.” I am voting because I believe it’s going to give me a voice to have a say about the things happening in the country.”

12:10 At the Sir Edmund Hillary station, the ANC and SRWP parties were represented outside. Ntokozi Jele from the SRWP said they were outside because a lot of people didn’t know the SRWP. “If we put the posters up, people will see Irvin Jim and then they will know us. We are fighting for people to get jobs,” she said.  

12:09 Nompilo Zuma, 18, a first time voter voting at the Durban University of Technology city campus says she believes she should be voting for the better of the country. “I’m not voting for change but improvement, if my vote matters there will be improvement that I want to see.”

12:08 Hlengiwe, 46, voting at the Sir Edmund Hillary voting station said she is so excited about voting for the first time. “I have been voting all these years but this time it’s so different. The kids are so supportive and we all went out as a family. [I am excited] because there are so many dynamics within the politics of South Africa. We are looking forward to seeing who is going to lead us into the future. People need to have their voice heard and the only way is through voting.”

Hlengiwe (46) brought her entire family with her to the voting station. (by Fatima Moosa)

11:58 Welile Khumalo, 18, first time voter voting at DUT City Campus station says she is voting because during Apartheid black people weren’t allowed to vote, so now that everyone has a chance to vote they shouldn’t waste it. She says she hopes to see change within the country’s politics whereby the youth are included in participation and have a say on the matter of the country. “We are the future and we are at the forefront of the politics so we deserve to be given a chance to lead. Especially within the ANC, I don’t feel like youth are given a chance to lead.”

11:45 An issue which is currently burning up the Democratic Party in the United States, ahead of the 2020 elections, is whether or not prisoners should vote. Senator Bernie Sanders received a lot of criticism for saying the franchise shouldn’t be extended to prisoners. This is a complete non-issue in South Africa…

11:30 President Cyril Ramaphosa is voting in Soweto.

The ANC’s stall outside a voting booth in Johannesburg 08/05/2019. (By Fatima Moosa)

11:14 Economic Freedom Fighters president Julius Malema cast his vote in Seshego, Limpopo.

11:11 Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane attempts another appeal to ANC die-hards…

11:05 Former president Jacob Zuma has been spotted, casting his vote with maKhumalo in Nkandla.

10:59 Charlotte Hlongwane, the presiding officer at the Sir Edmund Hillary Primary School voting station said the process has been going smoothly. They are expecting around 4,000 voters at the station.

10:48 First time voter Jobeka Mabaso (18) from Alexandra Township says it’s important for the youth to vote. “By you exercising your right to vote you will be able to make demands, like for example, with Fees Must Fall. It’s going to be kind of hard to say, ‘Fees should fall’ and ‘We demand free education’ knowing very well that you did not play your part in actually bettering your country. It’s important for the youth to vote. There’s more youth than elderly people so we will be the ones continuing the legacy. We need to start continuing the legacy by voting.”

10:30 If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s an epic thread of all the political party profiles we did in the run-up to these elections.

10:00 We’re reporting that Abahlali baseMjondolo, the shackdwellers movement in KwaZulu Natal, which is also affiliated with landless and unemployed people’s movements, has endorsed the Socialist Revolutionary Workers Party, the political wing of the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa.

9:37 DUT Steve Biko Campus voting station under ward 28 is a bit quiet but a first time voter has been spotted. Presiding says about 3836 voters are expected at the station today.

9:34 Most voters at Doug Whitehead say the process was quick and they didn’t even have to queue. A lot of the voters have voted in every election since 1994.

“I have voted ever since Mandela went to jail and came out. I started to vote when Mandela came out of jail. I vote because Mandela was the one who was fighting for the world so I have to vote for the ANC. I don’t want to vote for any other party. I only want to vote ANC and Mandela. All of those parties only want money. I believe in the ANC because they are fighting for the world and all the people. Wherever I want to go the world is open. They made the door to be open. People are free. These new parties just want to do this and do that. But they didn’t fight nothing.” 89-year old man – born in 1931

9:30 Voting at the Doug Whitehead School in Kensington is very virtually no lines. Only the ANC is present at the station. An ANC party representative told The Daily Vox they let voters know if they are on the voters roll. They also inform voters about checking that the ballot paper has been stamped or not.

9:20. Alexandra Township. The old Nokuthula Special School in Alexandra has been converted into a voting station. The queues here are much longer with most with most of the Alexandra residents voting here. There are concerns with this venue as a voting station because it has no electricity. Eskom has been notified and will be bringing a generator before night falls. As it stands, the venue is dark and gloomy.

9:00. Marlboro Gardens and Alex. There is a stronger  police presence in Alexandra township to ensure incident-free voting.

Featured image by Shaazia Ebrahim