First ever Africa Textile Talks three-day hybrid event

Winter Wool Festival in Middelburg, Eastern Cape 24-26 June 2022. Shot for Twyg by Samantha Reinders

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Did you get a chance to physically or virtually join in to the first ever Africa Textile Talks event?

Farm-to-fashion strategies are a hot sustainable fashion topic. But, what does this mean and what does it look like for farmers, producers, designers, retailers and the industry at large? 

Together with the Imiloa Collective, Karoo Winter Wool Festival, Cape Wools SA, and experienced panels of industry professionals, Twyg successfully hosted a three-day hybrid of online and in-person events which took place between Mauritius, Cape Town and Middelburg to unpack this central question and more in their discussions.


Why is local sustainable fashion so expensive?

From think tanks to interviews, workshops to mending cafes and wool markets, information and experiences about farming regeneratively, botanical dyeing, traditional crafts, fashion designing and styling with natural fibres, upcycling, and so much more was discussed and practised. Catch up on the online discussions on YouTube channel

The key take aways from the event were that:

  1. Ethical fashion and design can be a catalyst for social and economic change in Africa
  2. Stylists, as image-makers, are key to encouraging creativity over consumption
  3. Natural dyes address pollution in the fashion industry while helping us redefine our relationship with our clothes
  4. We must not overlook low-technology solutions
  5. We need to go beyond ‘fashion for fashion’s sake’ and see textiles as archives, cultural artifacts, and storytelling mediums

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Twyg is a magazine working at the intersection of fashion and sustainability: inspiring and supporting kinder, fairer, inclusive and nature-friendly futures. This entails creating stories and events to support a transition to sustainable living. For the Design Futures Lab, Twyg designed a series of virtual workshops about sustainability, decoloniality and regeneration as it relates to growing, making, wearing and wasting of fashion in South Africa. By challenging the participants to reflect on the fashion industry, Twyg introduced ideas that will germinate stories about the future of fashion.

Words and image provided by KAMuses