Go home spring, you’re drunk

We’re in the middle of Spring time in South Africa. Summer is so close we can taste it. But instead, the recent weather has had us swapping ice lollies for mugs of hot chocolate.

aint nobody got time

Every morning, we open our curtains expecting beautiful scenes of sunshine and bird song, anticipate lathering on sunblock and soaking up some serious vitamin D.


But instead, we’re subjected to Mother Nature’s mood swings. How is it possible to have hail storms and 12°C temperatures in the middle of November?

Maybe it isn’t that bad, but we’ve had more moody skies than is welcome at this time of the year. We thought summer was coming.

It’s been a long year, and we all deserve summer.

Go home spring drunk

We are not Disney princesses.


This cold weather is not good for productivity.


Get back to work!