Happy Star Wars Day: May the fourth be with you!

If you haven’t already been inundated with Star Wars jokes: happy Star Wars Day, may the fourth be with you! We’re taking the opportunity to gush about the latest Star Wars trailer, which granted was released a couple of weeks ago, but is still fresh in our minds.

Star Wars: is the most anticipated movie in history, and it’s no longer light-years away. The trailer for the latest film in the series (Star Wars:Episode VII – The Force Awakens if you must know the full title) has united fans in a way that even a unanimous hatred of Jar Jar Binks could not. MUHAMMED ISMAIL BULBULIA sums up the best parts of the latest trailer for those who haven’t seen it – and those who want to see it again.

We start with what appears to be a landspeeder zipping across a Tatooine-like desertscape, and an establishing shots of a destroyed, er, Star Destroyer.


And lead in to the return of everyone’s favourite tin-can. (Cue bipping and booping)


And a reminder of the greatest villain – and possibly worst father – in cinematic history.


Then there’s a new lightsaber and perhaps a new enemy. (Because of course only a Sith lord would use a red lightsaber.)


And some old friends…


Yes. That just happened.


Catch all the coolness this Christmas, and May the Force be with you!

– Featured image via Wikimedia Commons, Gifs via Cult of Mac and The Verge.