How To Access Free Counselling In SA


Seeking and receiving medical attention for mental health doesn’t come cheap despite South Africa being regarded as one of the major countries facing a crisis of mental illness. However, there are some counselling centres and organisations around South Africa that offer free counselling and therapy sessions. Here are eight free counselling centres you can choose from.

LifeLine Johannesburg

Life Line is a nonprofit organisation (NPO) that offers free counselling and 24-hour telephonic counselling for all ages and any issues you are faced with. Life Line centres can be found in Norwood, Soweto, and Alexandra.

LifeLine Western Cape

Like its Johannesburg counterpart, LifeLine Western Cape offers free counselling for all ages groups and have a 09:30 to 22:00 running counselling line. Or you can WhatsApp call them between 10:00 and 14:00 on 063 709 2620.

South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG)

SADAG offers free telephonic counselling sessions from Monday to Sunday between 08:00 to 20:00. This group mainly focuses on dealing with mental illnesses and alleviating the stigma around it. SADAG runs a 16-line counselling and referral call centre and mainly works in urban, peri-urban, and rural areas throughout South Africa. It also has a 24-hour helpline for urgent cases.

Grace Counselling

Grace Counselling is Christian-based organisation that offers a variety of therapy options from dealing with mental health related issues, to dealing with spiritual related issues. It is based in the north of Durban but it has a few centres and churches spread out throughout Durban.

Revive Counselling Centre

Revive is an NPO based in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape that offers free counselling sessions on issues such as depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and dealing with traumatic experiences. While you are expected to book an appointment, the center has open days on Wednesdays, where you will be assisted even if you have not made a booking. For more information you can contact them on 041 373 8882/3.

Hope House Counselling Centre

Based in Cape Town, Hope House is a Christian organisation that offers therapy sessions for individuals dealing with trauma, mental illness, relationship problems, family problems, and suicide thoughts. You can find their centers in Bergvliet, Tableview, and Kuilsrivier.

IThemba Counselling Centre

Situated in Gauteng, Ithemba House of Hope Counselling Centre seeks to work with poorly-developed communities to help improve the lives of the disadvantaged. The counselling centre also offers support for people struggling with substance abuse.

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  1. Would be great if we had more online counseling services.
    Many people do not like face-2-face chats or setting up appointments.
    They want to remain anonymous and hidden.
    I have been searching high and low for sites in South Africa that offer online counseling to cater for the ever growing social media based youth, which is where the most mental health issues can be seen, yet, unless you are able to provide credit card details, or are prepared to read lengthy papers, you cant find a quick chat room to talk out your current issues. has one – but its always offline. Its sad.

          • Hi there

            i need assistance my husband needs help urgently he is grieving for the loss of his late family they passed in an MVA in 2015 and he is only experiencing the motions and everything else that comes with it this time and it is difficult for him to deal with it. Please tell me do i call the number that you provided me with ?

    • MOBIEG has an email response that you can use. We will always answer you and tell you when we are online. The service is free and you may stay anonymous. You can also chat via our Facebook page. We do have a huge campaign currently to solicit funding to be online at least 14 hours per day. We are aware how huge the need is that you are talking about. It is real and we are trying our best to offer more help. 🙂

    • very true. Also these telephonic sessions, im hardly in a private space to talk about personal things. I sometimes feel rushed. Or i feel like someone might be listening in on my conversation

    • Hi Charlie – I went through the same and discovered MEH on Facebook. Mental and Emotional Health. They have a whatsup group and Zoom meetings. Speak to the organisers. No paperwork no money required.

    • May there be a change for all of us desperate and in need of urgent assistance. May one of these “Emergency Crisis Helplines” finally make it to the year 2020 and provide support using a widely accessible medium and a platform that connects the rest of the world for most everything else. I read through the comments thread. I was shocked. I think I see today that there are so many of us who are literally screaming out for help and who believe that they will actually receive the help promised when stated ” if in crisis please contact the emergency help line to get immediate help”. My heart is broken for every person who commented, giving up some or all of their pride desperate to get help. Looking to be seen as human by humanity. So much hurt and broken hearts that just need someone to talk to and hold their hand. To sit with them through a tough time and to help them stand while they themselves aren’t able to. To see the shared desperation of so many who are simply just forgotten or silenced. Ignored or canvased through to see which one of us fits the profile or latest political trend to give these “crisis helplines”recognition and favor. It is truly heartbreaking and I have so much grief and sorrow for each person here. This is my 4th sustained day of my most frantic and desperate search for some sort of help after being left destitute and traumatised by a freak occurence of events including sexual assault offenses, threat of death, violence and more. Yet still I feel that i would rather give my chance to all of the people here. I just want to give hope to someone here.. even if it is just one person. I am no longer going to search for the promised help. To be in crisis for 3 days and not have a single human being reach out really is sobering and makes the author of this posts words ring true.

  2. Hy. I am based in Johannesburg. I live with my sister in Malvern Johannesburg. Is there a place where i can get help in my area. Where i dont have to pay for transport. I just feel like i wont make it. I need help. I am scared.

    • Family and marriage

      Family and Marriage Association of SA
      Famsa supports families through stressful situations: offers counselling and education to strengthen marriage and other relationships in the family. Assists with divorce, mediation, domestic violence, trauma, grief counselling etc. Famsa has 27 offices around the country.

      National office: (011) 975-7106/7

  3. Hi Tseleng

    I am not sure where you are located and what kind of help you need but if you are in the Cape Town area, feel free to have a look at FAMSA WC ( ) . They provide an array of counselling services from 6 different offices. The Head Office is in Observatory and our other big office is in Khayelitsha.

    Feel free to reach us here:
    9 Bowden Road, Observatory
    021 447 7951 // 082 231 0373

    49 Ntsikizi Street,Ilitha Park
    021 361 9098

  4. Hi where càn I find nearest free councelling I’m from atteridgeville…I just lost a baby two months ago I feel like my life is messed up…pls help

    • Hey Mpho.. I have experienced a similar thing. Maybe we could talk in private if that could help. Hope you are praying and finding strength Sisi. And I am sorry for your Loss.

  5. Hi i am from soweto i would like to know where i ca n get a free counseling as i am not working .i am going through a very toughtimenin my life please help

    • Hi Lizzy, did you find any help around Soweto? If yes please share so that I would be able to join. Hope you are good.

      Thanks in advance

    • Hi I’m going through the outmost worst ,IV been feeling lost for 6 years now,I can’t do anything or cope,I can’t be there for my son coz IV been searching for a job for 6 years now and I haven’t been lucky I can’t even do anything to make sure that my son sleeps on a full stomach.i need someone who will help me.please.

  6. I have experienced a severe beating from my Step daughters boyfriend last Sunday and I am so anxious and traumatized I dont know what to do. I have no medical aid and need help urgently, please let me know whom I could speak to. I am debilitated with fear. I live in Centurion Tswhane

  7. Hi I need a help I have problem of pleasing friends
    and I end up using all the money that I have to buy
    alcohol for me and friends plz help

  8. Hi I have a baby boy whose 11 months old n i sometimes feel like beating him when doing something wrong or doesn’t listen to me. I also have anger issues pls help

  9. Hi, I’m messed up. I really need help. I’m at an all time low. I hate feeling like this, most days I cry with no relief. I’m so damn sad and anxious, no ambition, nothing seems worth it anymore. It feels like I’m just a burden to everyone in my life and that everything would just be better without me. I thought i could get through this, but its been nearly 2 years and I’ve just gotten worse. I don’t even know where to start or what to do anymore. I’ve basically lost who I am. I can some days barely manage daily tasks and it’s caused me to give up my job. I’m so damn messed up and I have no resources. Please, can someone help me. I’m sorry for the “anonymous” post.

    • Hi anonymous
      I’m sorry for what you going thru I’m going thru thr same thing myself

      I’m not a councilor nor do I have any training
      But if you need some to talk to I’m here maybe we can help each other

    • Hi… I need help. Me and my partner for two years we argue a lot and it feels unhealthy and toxic. The other day he came to the house with a lady friend at 10pm not knowing that I was there, je then said that the lady wanted sleeping pills then they sat down to drink booze I then took that bottle from the lady’s hand and throw it away. From that day he’s saying I’m violent and have too much anger and saying he’s scared of me. Whenever we argue if I say anything or try to walk away he says ” that’s anger” and it hurts me so much that I cry most of the time because I know what is like to be with someone that you’re scared of, thinking that the person might do something to you while you’re sleeping. Please help I need to get help to find out if I really have anger

  10. i need help ,i have trust issues with my husband and most of the times i get angry ,feel insecure , shout and fight with him ,i am just not thinking straight ,cud this be depression and how do t deal with it ,is there maiby medication i can take

    • I feel exactly the same way, I am with my customary husband of 4 years ,we stay with my daughters from a previous relationship, I am unemployed and my husband now excludes me from all his serious life decisions it is so painful. All I have now is insecurities.

  11. I’m 41yrs ,married for 15yrs and hubby cheats on me and whenever I confront him.he pretends as if he has stopped.when we fight he takes out his frustration on our 16yrs daughter ,knowing that I’ll forgive him for the sake of peace or my daughter

  12. Morning I really need someone who can assist me on giving counselling to young couples especially for young womens in Tembisa
    I can organise them to come in one place , please if there’s anyone out there lets help our young ones

  13. Hi I need help for my partner, she was molested numerous times by her cousin and she couldn’t speak at that time because her cousin threatened to kill her and her mon if she ever reported her. She’s got an anger issues now because of that sometimes she would cry tears when thinking for what happened to her, please someone help we live in Mpumalanga eMkhondo.

  14. Am so frustrated & scared my husband was hijacked yesterday nite & they also tried to shoot them but missed, we ar in Midrand where can he get free counseling… we cnt afford to pay 0664605377

  15. Hi, i really need help with my infidelities. Ever since i was cheated on by my then engaged and pregnant baby mama i haven’t been able to stay faithful to everyone i’ve met after her. It’s been 6 years since we broke up. I think the hurt and pain she made me suffer makes me do the same thing to innocent and loving woman that don’t deserve it. I keep losing beautiful souls and i’ve taken within me to seek help. Please intervene as this is making me look the person i am not. 0607139665

    • Hi I am your normal sixteen year old who has currently been experiencing a lot of anxiety,pain attacks and insomnia,this might not sound big but I really do need the help

  16. i feel depressed recently got hit by now ex bf but i cant stop thinking about the whole ordeal its traumatized me and it keeps playing off in my head i mean i don,t know what to do i am afraid to open a case cause of being judged at the police station it just does not feel safe for me

    • HI gud day, I need help with my soon to be wife, she just got hi jacked into a car in voortrekker road parow and she also living there, 3 men force her in the car, she screamed as they drive away with her and people run after the car and she manage to get out of the car, ever since she cannot sleep, she cry a lot and she freakes out, I had to rush to doctor 3 times yesterday and they gave her sleeping pills and something for the shock, can someone assist plz

  17. I am seeking for help:I have been depressed for the last 2years I recently spoke to someone from a depression contact centre who referred to someone else I have tried to get hold of this person but there is no joy cause they are answering my calls neither my WhatsApp messages I am situated in Durban I really need help cause I can see that i am loosing myself and this also affecting my son too please help me

  18. Iam seeking help iam having problem when my wife goes out and call many times when she put and send too many messages.i think iam a pushover person jealous person I love her so much I need your help i even ready to attend therapist.

  19. Hi Im in Stanger, KZN. Where can I find free counselling in Stanger, Ballito or Tongaat. I think I have been strong for far too long and I’m not sure I can bear with this anymore.

  20. Good day

    I am going through depression after losing my job, separation with my girlfriend and no access to see my daughter

    I know we all suffering from different things but those that need a friend like me

    Lets help each other my WhatsApp number 0818641267

  21. Hie I need help with my brother who is going through a lot from a very abusive marriage n I think he is not coping,how can i Get someone to help him please

  22. Hi is there any whatsapp consulting for people in Brits area. My friend is unemployed and also has no privacy for phone calls and no access to email

  23. Hi please help i need help can’t cope anymore lost my job early this year and the year before i was raped..and now the guy i thought im in love with he cheats and nearly burnt him with hot water just because he doesn’t give the attention i need i feel like im nothing without him …and u lost so much weight since i can not eat anymore…please assist i need my life back

  24. Hi I need help I live in Eastern Cape, East London.I having sleepless nights I cant even think straight. Its been happening for years. I even lost my job, I thinking about my family everytime at night. I’m messed up in my head and now its getting worse I’m having suicide thoughts… Pls help I think I’m losing mind. Nothing seemed to work out for me.

  25. Hi there.. My name is Barry and I’m a 28yr old male..I’ve experience the same dramatic situation which now the second time it has destroyed me emotionally and in many other ways, I don’t know how to deal with it and was hoping you might know a place in Port Elizabeth that you could recommend or refer me to please.. Thank you
    Kind regards

  26. Hi can i please get info about free relationship counseling around midrand or eastrand. Im way too jealous and i think im controlling her ican see she hates it. I tried to change my ways but its bit difficult and im always having thoughts that she might be cheating on me

  27. Im a young men married and had problems in my marriage 3 kids in our relationship. I suspect my wife cheat on me we not stay together but still married and goes on like we together making plans be with each other my contact nr 084 223 3655

  28. Hi I need help I’m in a complicated relationship and have 3 kids, two boys and a girl I’m living with the girl’s father. I feel his not supportive when coming to the baby now I know that he has to move out

  29. Hi,I really need help my son and his girlfriend they fight a lot physically and they have a baby I think they both have anger issues my has no respect and deny most of the things it’s always about him the even smoke weed. please reply me this issue is coursing me a lot now I have high blood pressure

  30. Hi need help I’m drowning in tears I’m a mess I really need help based in the Westrand side Roodeport Johannesburg

  31. Hi i need help on my short-temper and my anger that has built inside me for years now. Maybe if i talk about it with a professional it be better

  32. Hi
    I need free counselling for an unemployed relative living in Bloemfontein. He needs to talk to a qualified family counsellor and other mental health issues. Please advise me who can assist

  33. Good day

    Please kindly assist me with finding a free councillor for my daughter who is depressed and suicadil

  34. Kindly assist with a free to low cost counselling. I’m feeling tired, lack of sleep, relocated to Jhb North this year and started a new job. Family is far and I am need of help.

  35. hello guy i relly need counselling i’m pregnant and sometimes i think to do abort adn it’s my first child, please help me

  36. Hi my name is lazarus mabunda from tembisa at tswelopele I need help I have a anger I always fighting with my wife with a no reason, can get help to reduce my anger, my wife she is love me a lot and I love her can I get help please

  37. Hey I have a problem, I’m forever crying my mom abandoned me and I just gave birth,during my pregnancy I found out I was HIV positive I didn’t really deal with it for me it was just something normal I went on to take my medication as I’m still taking medication even now. My boyfriend who infected me said I should abort our baby but I refused this thing is eating me now because I can’t focus. And he Is not in my life and the babies life, I make mistakes at work I’m forever in trouble I cry all the time. Please I need help I really dont know wat to to or how to deal with my emotions anymore.

    • ‘Hi This is not the end of the journey for you .. You will pass this stage , what is called seasons ..Remember to ask God for intervenence ..He will come through for ..I promise ..take each day as it comes ..what helped me was prayer ..going to church ..been with the right people who really care ..doing activities I love .. speak those good words ..I shall pass this stronger ..I shall get a good job ..My life will turn around ..I have a purpose ..I shall rise and will be happy ..God is able to take you from no where to somewhere..Ul be shocked ..Meditate in his word ..

  38. Kwanele

    Hi, I lost my job through this covid and I was also pregrant, got robbed on the 7th of May. My baby didn’t make it I’ve notice after 21 weeks that he was no more, he was rotten inside me. My husband was not supportive at all from the day I told him I was expecting.I am miserable I need help.

  39. Sometimes you need to yell at God and say God I am tired ..why does it not end .. I am tired ..I cannot leave like this ..sometimes ..what holds us back is the bitterness and the lack of forgiveness we have .. you could be holding ourselves back .. We must ask for forgiveness and forgive others ..ask for peace and give all to God .. THE IS POWER IN THE NAME OF JESUS. AMEN


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