How to submit your entry to the Apartheid 2.0 competition


    The competition
    The partnership with Al Jazeera’s Palestine Remix gives readers an opportunity to tell their story of Palestine, through the award-winning Palestine Remix interactive. The best interpretation of the theme “apartheid 2.0” submitted by readers will win a $100/R1 500 cash prize.

    What is Palestine Remix?
    Palestine Remix puts dozens of documentaries on Palestine at your fingertips, allowing you to view or use parts of various films to create your own productions.

    Using cutting-edge technology that synchronises text and video, you can instantly find anything mentioned in the films. Explore the modern history of Palestine in an easy-to-use format. Click on any year in our timeline to discover the story’s milestones and major players. Watch amazing drone footage high above historic Palestinian towns. Explore adata visualisation that highlights how and when hundreds of villages were destroyed, turning hundreds of thousands of Palestinians into refugees overnight. “Vanishing Palestine” is an interactive map that summarises in one minute how Palestine was colonized – and what the land looks like today. Palestine Remix is your interactive resource to learn about the little-known narratives of the Palestinian-Israeli story.

    What we are looking for
    To commemorate Israeli-Apartheid Week this year, we have launched our special series on Palestine: Apartheid 2.0. We want you, the reader, to offer your interpretation of the theme Apartheid 2.0. The best five films will be featured on The Daily Vox and the best remix will be awarded the cash prize.

    How to enter:
    1. Visit

    2. Click on “start remixing”

    3. Create your remix

    4. Fill in the form and check the box “entering”. (Don’t forget the additional details if you want your remix to be featured)Palestine remix competition

    5. Submit!

    Winners will be announced on March 11.

    For further information on the films or the competition, contact Lebo Phelwane on


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