#MugabeFalls: We’d vote for Comrade Bob on So You Think You Can Dance


Dance Bob

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe spawned a meme when he fell at Harare International Airport on Wednesday.

As Zimbabwean author Petinan Gappah noted on Facebook: “It is not Mugabe per se that people are mocking – who would mock a frail 91-year-old? It is the propaganda around him: the narrative of youthful vigour, the portrait with the dyed hair that is blacker than it was in his 50s, the weird chubby-cheeked photoshopping we saw on the 2013 election poster…  To me, this is more a joke about the projection of images of the president than it is about the president. In other words, the joke is on the state media. Not on Mugabe.”

In the spirit of Gappah’s comments, we think Mugabe would make a great celebrity on So You Think You Can Dance. We’d vote for him on any reality show — just as long as he didn’t rig the contest!


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