Imitation Nazi posters cause outrage at Stellenbosch University


On Tuesday, social media was in an uproar as images of slightly edited Nazi propaganda posters were circulated online. The posters have been put up around Stellenbosch University purportedly by a group called “The New Right”, and state that a meeting will be held on the 11th of May to “Fight for Stellenbosch”

The edited images are sourced from the League of German Girls, the female section of the Hitler Youth and Nazi progapanda media. These posters are historically associated with white supremacy, anti-Semitism and white nationalism.

Stellenbosch University’s media liaison Martin Viljoen told the Daily Vox that the university was aware of the posters on campus and confirmed that there was an enquiry into booking the Gericke Library at that time mentioned on the posters, but that booking was not confirmed. Viljoen said that the university was currently investigating the matter, but was not currently aware of any group calling itself “the New Right”.

Liana Maheso, member of the Stellenbosch SRC, said they were currently meeting with the library management to investigate the matter – particularly on whether a meeting was confirmed for Thursday – to confirm the legitimacy of the event advertised.

There is uncertainty over whether “the New Right” is an actual group, or whether the posters play into a growing trend of trolling to manufacture outrage and instigate racial tensions. The university is no stranger to racial divisions, which were highlighted by the Open Stellenbosch movement, which called on management to foster inclusivity between students in 2015. Not to mention the time students proudly wore blackface and flaunted it on social media in 2014.

Featured image via The Kiffness on Facebook


  1. This meeting should hopefully draw out the real authoritarians (those on the far left) to come out in droves to try and suppress free speech via coercion.

  2. Whoever made this poster was obviously trolling, and yet people get “outraged” as if it were real. Does outrage make people stupid?

    • The only way that they could make the fact that this is trolling any more blatant would be to dye it’s hair pink and stick a pencil up it’s rear!
      Are people really stupid enough to think that neo-nazis meet in university libraries and put up posters? C’mon man! A moron can see that this isn’t real!

  3. Smells more like the kind of stunt Andile Mngxitama and his brand of mercenary tankies would pull. Neo-nazis wouldn’t use posters to organize – they’d be using Stormfront, 4chan or even Facebook. And no right-wing Afrikaner would ever refer to themselves as “anglo”-anything. This is trolling – and the wording suggests this was definitely not any white person’s doing (at least not one that knows anything about white people in South Africa).

  4. Could this not be part of the current trend to demonise whites, and particularly white Afrikaners?
    If it is it is really quite disturbing as it echoes the tactics of the Nazis themselves.

    After all what Afrikaner activist would be dumb enough to use easily recognisable Hitler Youth Posters?

    What has happened in Coligny seems to be a further example and from some of the reporting it seems as if agents provocateurs and the ANC leadership themselves are guilty of incitement against whites and for ignoring or trying to suppress the accused’s rights to bail for political purposes.

  5. Uxolo, bahlobo – no need to worry. Siyaqond. As in we are educated enough to know this thing is a spoof. But Mohammed, ndixelele, what makes you so naive? Do you not wish to live in a unified country which is not divided by propaganda, in which we practice morality, good governance, and identify as one people. I follow your posts, and you are sadly more divisive than inclusive. Vuka, bhuti bam. Can you not see what you are doing here? To all English and Afrikaners, rest assured that most of us from the Eastern Cape are not like this, and racism of any sort is not generally supported there. To you, Mohammed, sala kumnandi, but also, please come and join us in a better future.

  6. Deep State’s local (goons-I have proof of their thickness!) agents/students sent on another black psy ops. Another litle seed of distrust and division successfully planted. Ignore this, but first in your very own mind. This is where prejudice begins about the ‘other’. It is all potential unity that they continuously seek to destroy in their multitudinous game-playing.


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