Oh dear, here comes #IamStellenbosch

The online world erupted on Friday when #IAmStellenbosch started trending on Twitter. It quickly earned the mockery of Twitter users who pointed out that having black friends or listening to rap music, *surprise surprise* didn’t mean jack when it came to racism, exclusion and historical prejudice. BENAZIR CASSIM rounds up.

First, Stellenbosch University had #WhereIsTheLove, which sought to unite its students under positive, good vibes. Apparently, it was created to counter the tiresome “negativity” surrounding the university after the documentary, Luister, a documentary highlighting the racial tensions between students and lecturers at Stellenbosch university, went viral online.

And now there is #IAmStellenbosch, started as a Facebook page and Youtube video, which claims it is a place for students to engage with each other, through discourse rather than dialogue (whatever that means).


On Wednesday, they posted photos of (mostly white) students holding placards on which they had written “a statement which can either break down a stereotype they feel they’ve been put into or just proclaim something about their identity”.

Sadly, most of these statements just enforced stereotypes and displayed ignorance.

A few black students also got called out for participating. Except some of them thought they were “non-white”.


And at least one student wrote something relatable:

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Featured image via Facebook