Press Release – Communities to march on the Union Buildings in support of a Basic Income Grant demand

On Tuesday 18 October 2022, The community together with other organisation held a protest at National Treasury to call for a Basic Income Grant. The demans and grievances of R350 applicants was also handed over to a Treasury representative. The community also called on government to fulfil its constituntional and international obligation to provide social assistance. Other demands also include taxing the richest 1% bby in creasing Personal Income Tax for those earning over R1 million annually and commit to introducing an annual net wealth tax for the 3000,000 plus multi-millionaires. (Photo: Denvor de Wee)

The community and partners will march to the Union Buildings on February 2 2023 at 10 am to demand that the South African government rectifies all R350 grant issues.

Press Release

Our members have highlighted barriers to applying for the grant, non-payments, delays with appeals and poor communication from Sassa.

Ahead of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s State of the Nation Address (SONA), we demand the government increase the grant and turn it into a Basic Income Grant by April 2024. President Ramaphosa should take note of the suffering of millions of people in Mzansi who live below the poverty line, and the more than 300,000 people who have signed a petition in support of a Basic Income Grant in order to help those with little to no income.


Press Release: “We demand a better R350 grant for all!”

As, we believe President Ramaphosa has broken his 2022 SONA commitment to “leave no one behind” as millions of people struggle to put food on the table and travel to look for work. Campaigner Tlou Seopa said the time to debate whether or not a Basic Income Grant should be introduced is over.

“It must be an intervention that is implemented urgently. Millions of households continue to go without food and other basic needs, and while the R350 grant is helping close a tiny bit of the gap, it remains with its own problems that result in millions not receiving it,” Seopa said.

“SONA 2023 is President Ramaphosa’s chance to prove he is not out of touch with the poor majority. We can’t afford to wait for an election year for decisive action. The President must announce significant increases to social grants,” adde Seopa.

Hundreds are expected to join the march starting at the Sassa Head Office in Pretoria at 10 am on Thursday. The crowd will move on to the Union Buildings, where a memorandum of demands will be handed over to government officials.

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Featured image via © Denvor de Wee.